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Oct 6, 2006 07:10 PM

What to serve with cassoulet?

It's hard for me to imagine eating anything in addition to cassoulet it's so heavy, but I also can't quite wrap my mind around just putting out a big dish of it with no sides. Julia Child recommends pineapple for dessert, I'm guessing because it's refreshing and because of the digestive enzymes :-), but what to serve alongside?

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  1. A green salad with a sharp vinaigrette.

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    1. re: KTinNYC

      yes! be sure to use a strong crisp lettuce like Romaine....soft lettuces just wimp out next to cassoulet....

    2. At a recent dinner party the hostess rounded out a meat-heavy menu with a salad of arugala, red onion, and fresh figs. Really hit the spot.

      1. Ha! In googling 'arugula' to confirm I spelled it wrong in above post, I came across this recipe for ARUGULA, FENNEL, APPLE, MANDARIN ORANGE, AND POMEGRANATE SALAD which sounds like another really nice possibility.

        1. Nothing is ever served with cassoulet.

          A salad as a separate course after the cassoulet is nice.

          Fruit is an appropriate dessert, but I have to say that when I spent a winter month in Paris and was eating cassoulet three times a week, I usually went for a fancy dessert, for example a gratineed chocolate-mandarin orange souffle.

          1. Yup, salad is all I ever serve with cassoulet, the simpler the better, just greens with oil & vinegar and a sprinkling of good coarse salt.

            Oh, and bread for mopping the plate if necessary.