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Oct 6, 2006 07:02 PM

4 Guys on a golf vacation in Santa Barbara looking for Saturday night dinner

I'm looking for recommendations for a Saturday night dinner for 4 guys on a golf vacation in Santa Barbara. None of us are very familiar with the area, but I've heard that there are some really good eats around.

We're not looking for anything too fancy or pretentious, but would like somewhere with good service, a relaxed atmosphere, and most of all, GREAT food. Also, I know the local wines are supposed to be great, so a restaurant with an extensive wine selection is a plus. I'd also really like to spend no more than $50/pp including a glass or two of wine.

Thanks for the suggestions ahead of time!

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  1. Which golf course - what end of town do you want? Sandpiper, SB Muni, Montecito clubs?

    There are kick-back places in Montecito that could work - Pane e Vino in the Upper Village, Lucky's on Coast Village Road.

    What do you call "great food" - good steaks, slow-food, elegant preparation, ethnic (which kind) Yikes, there are so many choices that would work for you. Help narrow this down a bit.

    Pick almost any spot on lower State Street - the new "Bricks" in the 400-600 block of State Street just might fill the bill as a new restaurant that is getting interesting reviews - build your own dinner place and you would be close to all the action and sports bars on Lower State Street - or Emilio's on Cabrillo Blvd - almost any thing at the harbor could work for more lively and casual dining.

    Santa Ynez is a good place for good food, good wine, and there is the golf course on San Marcos Pass. Cold Springs Tavern is a terrific choice too, along with Grapolo in Santa Ynez and then check out the bar scene at the Maverick.

    Or, heaven forbid, you can replicate the whole Sideways dining/wining/golf experience in the Santa Ynez Valley as well.

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      We'll be playing golf at Sandpiper and our hotel is about 5 miles away from the course, so anything in that area would be great.

      As far as food goes, we're not really picky. Pretty much anything will do. Our main concern is that the restaurant has a nice ambiance and good wait staff. Steak, Italian, and French are always good.

      Thanks, I look forward to hearing more responses.

      1. I would recommend either Chuck's Steak House, or the Paradise Cafe. Both are "four guys on a golf vacation" kind of places.
        While neither of them have the BEST food in the area, the food is good, and the wine lists are great, loaded with gems at good prices. It's really the wine lists that draw me to both - if you know your wines, you won't believe some of the bottles on those lists.
        Furthermore, the Paradise has very attractive servers, which is something I am sure a table full of guys can appreciate.
        The Paradise is old time Santa Barbara, so you will get a nice Santa Barbara experience. Patio seating, too, if that's your thing.
        Chuck's is a steak house out of the old Charthouse mold, Hawaii theme, the steaks are very good, and like I said, the wine list.... The place has some idiosyncracies that you should know about. First - it's dark in there. We used to joke that you need a miner's cap when you go. The menus are printed on old Lancer's bottles - I have no idea why.

        Anyway, have a good time and let us know what you do and how it was.

        1. Hope it is next Saturday- I would reccomend the Tee-Off- a great place for a steak a drink and some great food. I second Chucks. Cold Springs Tavern is nice, but not if everybody is drinking. Have a great time!