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Oct 6, 2006 06:18 PM

Chitlins [ Chitterlings ]

I live outside of the Boston MA area and was wondering if anyone knows of a good soul food restaurant / grocery store or butcher shop that may sell Chitlins, preferably either pre-cleaned or pre-cooked. thanks.

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  1. Bob the Chef (or Bob's Southern Bistro, or whatever it's called these days) has them.

    1. FYI...Bob's Southern Bistro only has the chitlins on the weekends.

      1. Someone recently mentioned Soul Food in Brockton. That's all I know.

        1. I have seen them at Market Basket cleaned and frozen, but it doesn't seem to be a regular item.

          1. You can get pre-cleaned ones at Lord Jeff's in Newmarket Square or you can get prepared ones at Ray's Soul Kitchen on Dudley Street in Roxbury.