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Oct 6, 2006 06:08 PM

Mask, Glen Cove, LI

Has anyone been to Mask in Glen Cove Long Island? We have reservations there this weekend and would love to hear from those who have eaten there.

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  1. Haven't been there yet, but to told Glen Covers (of which I am one) the location is still the Frontier Diner. Chip away the facade and the interior walls ... and you get a late '50's diner.
    Used to love their burgers and pancakes as a kid.

    1. I figured I'd report back...I don't remember the location being a Diner before-actually I'm pretty sure you are confusing it with something else. The inside was decorated with masks, very festive, colorful and tastefully done. Service was excellent. They aim to please. All the duce tables have a little side table to put other "stuff", like a bottle of wine, condiments, things that take up space. We both had salads to start. Mine was a tri-color salad with goat cheese (crumbles) and slivered almonds. My partner's was a pear salad (don't remember what else was in it). While both were delicious, we felt that they didn't warrant the hefty price tag of $12-$15 (both for a single serving, not for two). I ordered the linguini with shrimp, scallops, mussels. I couldn't eat the pasta. It was not only loaded with oil but they also added a generous amount of butter. It was just too much oil/fat overload for me to enjoy it. My husband order a pizza with ham, salami * sausage-he was in carnavore heaven. They have a large selection of pizzas, thin crust (which we love). We decided that we'd only go back if we were in the neighborhood and wanted pizza or maybe to try an entree.

      1. I'm a native. Mask was a diner. Not a stainless-steel NJ type, but one nonetheless, a generation ago. Same location, next to an old gas station and across the street from a funeral home and a car dealership. I've even got a postcard.
        The Land Rover dealer used to sell Chevrolets in the '60's + 70's.
        Anyway, I'd like to try that pizza at Mask. Thin crust rules, and it brings out the flavor of the sauce and the toppings, not the typical LI doughy slice.

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          Yes, it was Lyster Chevy, we had a station wagon from was a diesel, you had to plug it in on the cold winter nights, no joke.

          What is the price point of the pizzas and entrees at Mask?

        2. Ok, I gracefully admit that I'm wrong about the former occupant of the location. "Uncle" :-)

          The pizzas averaged about $15. Lots of choices, easily 10, with a pizza listed on the specials too.

          1. I remember, it was the Frontier Diner.