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Oct 6, 2006 05:56 PM

Dinner for a group in DC

I wanted to take 6 of my friends out for dinner and/or drinks. I am buying them dinner so I dont want it to be too expensive. I was thinking of Zaytinya but I didnt know how expensive that would be. I am a student with a severely limited budget of about $140 for the night. We love trying different kinds of food and have exhausted the chinese and the thai options. Other kinds of ethnic cuisine are fine.

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  1. My top choices, while remaining in DC, would be Pyramid at 6th and Florida, for Moroccan, Etete at 9th and U for Ethiopian, Amma's Vegetarian Kitchen in Georgetown for Indian, Nam Viet in Cleveland Park, Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park, and for something really exotic, Chez Auntie Libe on Georgia Ave. for Senegalese. El Rinconcito Dos, in the 1300 block of Park Rd., NW in Columbia Heights (only a half block from the Metro) is a good choice for Salvadoran.

    Outside of DC, Bombay Curry Company in Alexandria, Vit Goel(Lighthouse tofu) for Korean in Annandale or Rockville, Woodlands for South Indian in Langley Park, MD, Shiney's in Annandale for Pakistani, Victor's Grill in Falls Church for Bolivian, would all keep you well within your budget and serve exceptional food.

    You can do a search on this board for menu recommendations.