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Oct 6, 2006 05:52 PM

Philly: parents meet parents - help?

Its gonna go down in a few weeks.

Necessities: 1) liquor license, 2)a bit of atmosphere (i.e. distractions if conversation starts to really go badly/wane), 3)asian food is a no-no, 4)italian is ok, 5)and about $$$. Center city proper/old city/rittenhouse are pluses - not into Univ City or deep South Philadelphia

Seemslike the only ones that are fitting this "bill" are Capital Grille and Brasserie.

What else ya got?

edited to say that yes, good food is a must. I've been hearing excelent things about the new M near Washington Sqaure but....apparently its very quiet. Oh - and Ansill's small plates won't fit the bill either.

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  1. My favorite place for taking parents and older relatives is Astral Place. The menu is interesting but not scary. The decor is interesting and appropriately distracting. And it's not too dark or smoky. It might not be as expensive as you are looking for. Thank you.

    1. that's really funny - I was going to say "and not Astral Plane" (really bad date and even putting him aside, the food was really poor. I tried so much to love it....but I didn't.)

        1. re: JanR

          très interesting....or, that even brings to mind, Panorama....why not, right? by the way , no one has spoken of Panorama in ages here.

          keep em coming....

          1. re: rumdrinks

            Ristorante Panorama's wine flights are a lot of fun and would make for good conversation, but the food doesn't really help the experience--very bland, I thought.

            Nearby, La Familia would be a better choice.

        2. Someone may flame me for this, but as long as you are up to walking down stairs, La Buca at 7th and Locust fits the bill.

          1. What about Amada? It's got enough atmosphere that, depending on whether things are going well or poorly, you can concentrate either on the company or on what's going on at the next table. The food is amazing (a million times better than Capitale Grille, and more inventive than BP), they've got a nice selection of sherries, wines, and fun beverages, and it's not as stuffy as either CG or BP.

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            1. re: nns

              true - good thought - buuuuuuut then we get the tapas thing and even the sharing thing...and there's at least 2 (the fathers) that are not into that...

              1. re: rumdrinks

                Seems like they'd be happiest at an overpriced Starr joint. Jones is good, Continental Midtown is good and has lots of distractions.