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Oct 6, 2006 05:48 PM


I dined at Salt for the first time this week, and on the heels of all the hype and rave reviews, I am so reluctant to say this...but I was disappointed. It was good, but not great. The lobster spring roll seemed flat, and fairly greasy. The beet salad was uninspired (especially after so recently having one at Petit Louis that was KILLER). The short ribs I had were wonderful, but the accompanying potatoes were so sweet I was looking around for...salt. The lamb stroganoff my companion had was also sorely lacking in, well, salt. And while I have an appreciation for al dente, the beautiful wide noodles in it were slightly undercooked.
I am definitely going to return, to give it another shot (maybe i just didn't try the right items), but I was curious about anyone else's experiences?

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  1. been to salt appx. 1 week ago. had duck fat f.f. tasted great. for main, had the short ribs. found it over cooked & bland

    1. According to a friend of a friend who works there, they've been experiencing some ordering problems. Friend suggested that a plain old shortage might have been why my dining partner had a paltry 4 or 5 pieces of pasta in his 'artistic' stroganoff.

      1. I was SO excited about eating at Salt but had a HORRIBLE experience. It was a Tuesday night so they weren't overly crowded. The two of us ordered 6 appetizers as our meal. it took 45 minutes before our first two dishes came. The next came out about another 30 minutes later (after we inquired about where the rest of our food was). I took one bite of my deep fried risotto cake and it was FROZEN in the center!!complained to the manager who is the chef's mother. Instead of listening and acting on my complaint she argued with us for 10 minutes! I asked to speak to the chef/owner Jason and he was not there that evening. I understand that restaurants have off nights but when still frozen food is served to you, you expect the manager to be more apologetic and accomodating. A call to the chef/owner the next day to inform him of my experience and displeasure was greeted with indignation and arrogance. he did not want to listen to me and accused me of wasting his time!
        I would think that being a new restaurant and all Salt would want to go out of it's way to listen to valid complaints from customers and act to fix the situation. but they were not at all interested in making me satisfied. That's how to create a repeat customer. Maybe because of all its' "buzz" and popularity, Salt has become "too big for its' britches".
        anyone else had an unpleasant experience at Salt?

        1. Wow- we almost went there last weekend. I do think we'll eventually try it- have to form your own opinions and all that. But this doesn't sound good. I'm glad we went to Peter's instead.

          1. I have been to salt and I love it. The atmosphere is great...a little noisy but great decor. I had scallops w/risotto that were phenomenal my friend had the tuna which was also excellent. Theresa was our waitress and she was extremely knowledgeable. We definitely would go back. To think I almost did not go because of one of the posts.