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Oct 6, 2006 05:37 PM

Vacherin Mont D'or question

So i was looking at the Murray's Cheese Shop website (in NYC) and it say's that they will be getting an order of Vacherin coming in soon. Now my question is this:
Are there any cheese shops in SF that anyone knows of that will be getting some soon too? and if not, does it ship well? should i order one from Murray's to ship to me in the Bay area? and if so, how long will it keep for? (i know i can call Murray's for that info, so mainly my question is, Has anyone seen it in the bay area?)

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  1. I think Vacherin is usually served in the colder months, especially around the holidays. I don't think it's shown up yet, but Mollie's and Whole Foods have had it in season. And the French warehouse in San Bruno--Village Imports--might be bringing some in, too.

    Personally, I'd rather buy such a delicate cheese from a local store. The Pasta Shop in Berkeley is another likely source. It's not a common cheese but, yes, you should be able to get it here. (Unless, of course, it gets classified as some sort of biohazard.)

    1. It's not particularly rare, just seasonal. All the good cheese shops should have some soon.

      1. pfah! biohazard....paranoiahazard....

        It always seems to show up around Thanksgving, but then it disappears just as fast. Last year i got to tower and i was a day late and a dollar short and they had one left and the cheese guy even admitted that it looked not so good and he couldn't recommend buying that particular one.
        So now, of course, I am hesistant to buy such a cheese at a Mollie Stones and would rather go to a real cheese monger that is going to order them and reserve one of them for me.

        I was hoping that someone would know of a specific cheese shop that regularly get's them in this time of year. That way i can call ahead and go pick one up.

        I have never actually had one, and i have been dying to try one and float away on warm cheese goodness....I figure it is the next step up from my Epoisses addiction that began a few years back...

        Maybe i will just start calling around.

        thanks for the tips

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        1. re: jupiter

          Any of the usual suspects: 24th St. Cheese, Cowgirl, Whole Foods, Bi-Rite.

        2. I'll start with the 24th street folks. I have never had an issues with them...although i have heard stories.

          Did you see that pic from Melanie of her Vacherin/wine outing from last year?
          I had that image as my screen saver for a week!

          good lord....i hope it lives up to the hype i have built for it in my head.

          but how could something that runny and fragrant (i have smelled it before) and gooey be bad?!?!?

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          1. re: jupiter

            Vacherin Mont d'Or is made from October to March. You might have to wait a few weeks for a good one.

          2. Vacherin Mont D'or is not a legal cheese in the US so be cool if you see some. Like, don't post about it here. ;)

            A lot of things have been coming into town over the last few years with Vacherin in the name but they are pasteurized. Still really good, mind you, but not the same. For example, L'edel de Cleron is basically a faux Vacherin and available year round.

            The real thing though is among the best things in the whole world and worth paying almost any price for. It is very doubtful that you will find it in chain stores for liability reasons. Independents and cheese stores are your best bet.

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            1. re: whit evans

              Any Vacherin Mont d'Or you find in this area must by law have been made from pasteurized milk.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                well no. any Vacherin Mont D'or must be made with raw milk. If it is not, is is not Vacherin Mont D'or. It's an AOC designation. That's why people try and get around it by calling them Vacherin Whatever.

                1. re: whit evans

                  oops, I was unclear. People try to make the pasteurized ones seem like real ones by calling them Vacherin Whatever instead of Vacherin Mont D'or.

                  Again, it's still awesome cheese.

                  1. re: whit evans

                    I was under the impression that the Swiss versions are pasteurized but the French ones are not. The Swiss own the rights to AOC name Vacherin du Mont d'Or, not the French. It's also called Vacherin du Haut-Doubs in France (AOC name, different name but same cheese).

                    I remember reading in some cheese book that it's available ~Nov-Jan because the milk comes from cows fed hay made from spring grass, therefore it's seasonal as a matter of timing.

              2. re: whit evans

                If it's illegal, I wonder why Murray's would list it on their website?


                1. re: Chris VR

                  Cheese made from pasteurized milk can't be sold as Vacherin Mont d'Or in France, but there's no law against it in the U.S.

                  Also, Swiss VMdO is pasteurized.