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Oct 6, 2006 05:35 PM

Your favorite brewpub chains?

My favorite has to be Rock Bottom. I frequent the King of Prussia, PA location.
I love the selection of beers and their food is fantastic. The 1/2 lb. burgers there are phenom...I'm partial to their Brew Burger! It's also a great place to catch the game. GO EAGLES!

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  1. Rock Bottoms beers are really mediocre in my opinion. None of the chain brewpubs do it fo rme, though the mira mesa location of Karl Strauss is beautifully set up.

    Here in San dIego we have Pizza Port which makes fantastic beers. If you are in the area give em a try

    1. BJ"s brewery. Good selection of beers and great food.

      I never leave that place without eating my all-time favorite chocolate chunk pizookie.

      1. I agree about Rock Bottom and Karl Strauss. How about Gordon Biersch - decent beer and menu, if a bit corporate. That is what chains are. I've been to SF, Miami and DC, and can't complain about GB.

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          The GB in Atlanta would satisfy as well, if you find yourself there and in need. There are better locals, though, as you would imagine.

        2. The thing is there are much better alternatives in SD. Pizza port's food is nothing special but all of their beers are excellent. And while not a brew pub, the liars club in PB makes great sandwiches and have a great tap selection. I would rather go to these places or O Briens than the rest

          1. Used to hang out at Pyramid in Berkeley/Albany quite a bit. THey got bought by McTarnahan's out of Oregon and the foods not what it was.

            The beer is as good as ever, the menu seems less inspired.

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            1. re: Scrapironchef

              I think it's the other way around: Pyramid bought Portland Brewing/McTarnahan's.