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Oct 6, 2006 05:32 PM

Nevado's, Mammoth?

We're going up to Yosemite and Mammoth Lakes this weekend and was thinking of dining at Nevado's. I really couldn't find any useful information in google nor can I find any online menu. Here are a couple of questions.

Is reservation necessary? Any suggestions on what to order? What is the dress code, and how much should we expect to spend per person?

We're already planning to eat at Whoa Nelly Deli's for lunch.

Another question is we're also planning to go to Ahwanee hotel for cocktails after a day of hiking, is there any dress code for the restaurant?

Thanks for any information.

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  1. We had an excellent dinner there a few years ago....dress is casual and we did have a reservation. The services was very attentive..just can't remember what we ate. Two weeks ago, we ate at the Convict Lake Restaurant. The food was very good. I had a rack of lamb which was very good, my S.O. had the prime rib of elk which was dynamite and my son ordered duck three ways and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was given a taste and it was quite good. The presentation of all three dishes was just lovely. Dessert was some kind of apple tart and creme brulee. We would definitely return to Convict Lake and right after sunset the yard was suddenly alive with deer. You can't lose with either Convict Lake or Nevados.

    1. As a foodie who has been visiting Mammoth for over two decades, I just wanted to put in my two cents. Robeen is spot on regarding her comments about the incredible Restaurant at Convict Lake and Nevados. I'll be posting more detailed comments on other Mammoth-related topics so if you are interested, I hope you'll read on!

      1. I will second the Restaurant at Convict Lake as well. I've stayed in the cabins at Convict Lake a few times over the last four years, and although I never have eaten dinner at the restaurant (too many trout from the local streams to clean and eat!), I've had first-class dessert and armagnac. Truly a diamond in the rough! And yes, the deer will startle the hell out of you if you're walking back to your cabin in the dark after a few cognacs! Bon Appetite!

        1. Okay, here's an update on Mammoth-area restaurants. If you look at other Mammoth-related topics on Chowhound, you may notice I included the following comments. Why? I really believe in the great experiences I have had over the past thirty years coming to Mammoth and enjoying their food. ( I have to add that while I've personally had good experiences at the Chart House in Malibu and when there was one in Los Gatos, I would never go to the CH in Mammoth when there are so many other one-of-a-kind places to try) ! There are SO MANY fantastic places in ML and one just needs to talk to the locals or come to this site! Here are some great places to try; yes, they cost some $ but they are well worth it for a special occasion: Nevados, Whiskey Creek, The Lakefront (Barbra Streisand reportedly loves it there), The Mogul (a local favorite and a great "nice" place to take your little ones), Skadi, Shogun (their sushi rocks and they have amazing views of the mountains from their 2nd floor location. One post mentioned that Shogun's items cost a little more than places you are used to, but that's the same case for almost every spot in Mammoth!), and a 10 minute drive from Mammoth Lakes proper: The Restaurant at Convict Lake. I'd have to say that Convict is one of my top three places in the Mammoth area. For lower-priced sandwiches & great breakfasts & service: Base Camp Cafe. Decent burger place: Bergers. My fave coffee shops: Looney Bean and Stellar Brew. Wonderful Mexican food: Gomez's and Roberto's. Mammoth Brewing Company (above Whiskey Creek) has an awesome happy hour, gorgeous views and good food: Places I have not yet visited but look promising include Lulu in the new Village, the Mountainside Grill (which has a very cool new menu designed by the only female Executive Chef in Mammoth Lakes), Parallax (located halfway up Mammoth Mountain, they have a really creative menu), and Petra's. Sadly, the sublime Cervino's (owned by the same folks who own Convict Lake) has closed, then was replaced by a restaurant that failed, and now the building is empty, but since it has such a lovely location up on the hill, I hope another worthy restaurant takes its place.

          1. Does Nevado's have a website with a menu?