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Gems in the East Village?


I am looking for a good place to eat tonight in the East Village other than Mermaid Inn, which I love but have already been to multiple times. I live in the WV and like places like Extra Virgin, Po, Pearl, etc. Thought I might have a nice evening across town.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. Frank is a good option.

    1. Prune (new american) or The Elephant (French/Thai fusion) are two good choices next door to one another on 1st btwn 1st and 2nd Aves

      1. Enoteca Barbone, Cacio e Pepe

        1. Bar Carrera has great tapas and drinks at really reasonable prices ($3.50 each plate)


          1. Max, Bao 111, and Mogador Cafe are solid options.

            1. I second the Cacio e Pepe recommendation

                1. i love prune.
                  also just went this week to bianca. what a treat too! and CHEAPPPPP!!!!!!!

                  1. Have you tried Via Della Pace yet? I rarely hear it mentioned on the boards and it's outstanding. Certainly not the value of Frank or Bianca but excellent food and cool vibe.

                    1. I agree with some of the places already mentioned, and would add Col Legno, Lavagna, Pylos, Nomad, Grand Sichuan St. Marks, and the Caracas Arepa Bar. All pretty different from one another. There's lots to choose from in this neighborhood.

                      1. There's Jules, which has live jazz musice, and not too expensive food. There's also Lucien...the food there is really good.

                        1. The Knife and Fork on E 4th between 1st and 2nd. Young inventive chef with daily changing market-driven menu. 6 course tasting menu @ $45 is one of the real bargains around. Small, intimate place with bar. Great new American.

                          1. Supper, my fave. OG too.