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Oct 6, 2006 04:37 PM

Help! Need a good Korean restaurant in K-Town (w/patio?)

Preferably with a nice patio - so we don't smell like smoke and Korean food afterwards (going to concert at Wiltern after dinner). I remember being taken to a very nice restaurant in K-town a few years back - granite walls, with some sort of fountains, very nice exterior patio. I think each patio table had a small grill in the middle, although we didn't use ours.

Any one know which restaurant I could be talking about? I did a little research - could it have been Tahoe Galbi? Other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Sounds like Chosun Galbi on SWC of Olympic & Manhattan Pl. (just one block west of Western). they have a very nice outdoor patio, can't remember if they have heat lamps though.

    Tahoe Galbi is on Wilshire & Wilton. I've never been but I don't think they have an outdoor patio.

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      Yep, sounds like Chosun Galbee to me, too, although I'm fairly certain Chosun Galbee doesn't have any fountains. Here is the website link, so the original poster can look at some of the restaurant's photos to confirm:

      I haven't been to Tahoe Galbi, either, but here is a photo of the exterior:

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        We just went to Chosun Galbi and ate in the patio. Great experience with delicious food. The bulgogi, galbee and the pa jeon were all really delicious. Very fun place.

      2. Tahoe Galbi does have an outdoor area as well, but I think Chosun has better food. Either way, you can't really go wrong.

        If you do end up at Chosun and are planning to go during a time when there'd be a dinner rush, then I suggest calling ahead of time and making a reservation. It gets pretty crowded.

        1. Sa Rit Gol has the best panchan in K-Town. You'll end up smelling like Korean food, but I think it's well worth the risk. What's a little smell when your stomach is smiling?

          1. tahoe galbi has an indoor-looking patio in the western part of the building. when it was called wilshire bbq house (or something like that) a few years ago, the patio was more open and had little waterfalls and stuff. so the OP's guess is probably right in guessing tahoe galbi. it's pretty much a bbq buffet now, but they do serve other things. and the proximity to the wiltern is a good thing, i suppose. but it wouldn't be my first choice since dong il jang is also nearby. no patio, though.