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Oct 6, 2006 04:36 PM

Tarte Tatin

Is there any cafe-ish place in LA where i can get me some Tarte Tatin? It may be asking for too much, but in France good tarte tatin can be had at any corner cafe, where it can be munched pleasantly with a cup of coffee. I'm not looking for someplace expensive like the Ivy, but rather somewhere to pass part of a saturday afternoon?

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  1. I'm pretty sure Amandine on Wilshire in West L.A. has tarte tatin. You might want to call them and make sure. I'm quite sure I saw it when I was there last but that was a few months ago.

    1. nicole's gourmet in south pasadena on el centro has great tarte tatin. we buy the whole thing.

      1. I'm sorry, I just don't get Amandine. I have been in twice, never been tempted and no one who works there was ever friendly enough to engage me. I keep reading their name as a constant rec on this board and I'm mystified.

        1. Try Julienne in San Marino.

          Call ahead, they don't always have it.

          1. How about: Bistro de l'Hermitage, on Culver Blvd., Culver City; Chez Mimi in SM; Delice Bakery on Pico; Michel Richard on Robertson?