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Oct 6, 2006 04:32 PM

Good Greek Eats - Greater Phoenix Greek Festival

Mark your calendars! I'm a slave to this festival every year. I walk out with a bag of baklava and I'm a happy girl. This will be the second year(not in a row!) that I get to attend pregnant - LET THE EATING BEGIN!!!

October 13-15
Holy Trinity Church
1973 E. Maryland

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  1. So where is the BEST saganaki in town anyway?

    1. Thanks for the reminder. Holy Trinity is within walking distance of my house, but I have still managed to miss this event in recent years. I really have no excuse. My wife is also pregnant, so perhaps the baklava cravings will compel us to show up this year.

      1. We're going Saturday afternoon, our first time. Is there a good spot to meet friends there that also have never been to the Festival?

        1. We'll be there too!

          It's pretty busy and chaotic. I think your best bet it to meet at the front entrance and pay and go in together. We always bring a blanket to stake a spot out on the ground. Seating can be tough, particularly for a group of 4 or more.

          Have a great time! Opa!

          1. We'll be there Saturday night. I find baklava only has maximum impact on your hips if you take it home and eat it late at night. :D

            Phil - If I were meeting people, I would tell them to meet me at one of the large planters/seats just beyond the front entrance..right in front of the community center doors.

            This is my annual enjoyment of {little dough balls in honey} - I don't know the name. They are at the back of the festival and oh so good when they're nice and hot.