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Oct 6, 2006 04:10 PM

Southwestern Georgia - Eastern Alabama Road Trip

Hi all:

I will be traveling from Florida up through Southwestern Geogia on the way, first to Columbus, Georgia and then over to Auburn, Alabama.

The route I will take is not set so the entire area west of I-75 and south of Columbus are on my way.

I am looking for reccomendations for good BBQ and/or Southern Cuisine in that area of southern Georgia and around Auburn. I generally prefer older restaurants.

I have read about Macon Road BBQ and Country's BBQ in Columbus. Any preference between the two? I have also heard about City Grill and Cromwell's who both claim to inherit the legacy of Chicken Comer's in Phenix City, Alabama. And lastly I have read good things about Chuck's in Opelika, Alabama.

Thanks for any tips in advance!

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  1. The best southern food I've ever had (and I've had a lot of Southern Food) is at the Market Diner Restaurant in Thomasville, GA (on the grounds of the State Farmer's Market). It's a huge buffet of all southern food imaginable, yet with a home-cooked quality that far surpasses anything I've ever had in any other Southern "home-cookin'" style restaurant. Weekday brunches are $6 even while weekends run around $10. Trust me, this is not to be missed...chances are it'll be the best Southern food you've had in your life.

    Review by Tallahassee's newspaper (giving it 4 out of 5 stars):

    In fact, I'm down in Tallahassee for a mini-vacation right now (I live in the Raleigh/Durham area), and I'm heading up there tomorrow for lunch.


    1. I like Macon Rd BBQ better than Country's. It's more of a dive, and it reminds me of my favorite Q in Birmingham- Miss Myra's. Country's is a bus station or something converted to that 50's diner sort of feel. Country's has a broader menu, and maybe better sides, but it strikes me as one of those places that's trying to wow you with how much they serve over how good it is.

      Rose Hill Seafood is also very good if you're in Columbus on one of the days it's open (Wed to Fri or Sat). Pretty basic, mostly fried (though I think you could get most anything grilled), very good quality when I've been.

      1. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I hope to make it to all of the places you mentioned.

        Mikeh, if you are still in Tallahassee, I have always enjoyed the BBQ at JB's on Thomasville Road in Georgia just past the Florida state line. Haven't been there for a few years now, but it might be worth a stop (especilally if you are travelling between Thomasvilel and Tallahassee).

        Thanks again.