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Oct 6, 2006 03:48 PM

boston chowhound looking for tasty wknd lunch near delta chelsea

Boston chowhound coming to Toronto for the first time for a wedding. Have been too busy to do an ounce of planning so I know precious little about the city. We're staying at the Delta Chelsea. I'm looking for a delicious, casual lunch (and maybe some snack places) tomorrow. Cheapish. Are there any chow gems walking distance from the hotel? Or walking distance from a must-see attraction/neighborhood that I should surely do in my few hours of open time? Only limitation is that I'm a vegetarian. Thanks!

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  1. Welcome to Toronto!

    You're within walking distance to Toronto's Chinatown (one of about 3 or 4 in the Toronto area). Just walk south on Yonge (from your hotel) to Dundas and walk west on Dundas to Spadina Avenue. Even before you reach Spadina, you'll quickly notice a strong Chinese flavour to the area. Walk north on Spadina and you'll have your choice of countless, tasty Chinese restaurants in which to dine.

    There's a lot of opinion on this board as to what ones are best, but I'll name a few for your consideration:

    Swatow (east side of Spadina, just north of Spadina)
    Rol San (just a bit further north than Swatow)
    Taste of China (a personal favourite of mine, just across the street from Swatow)
    New Sky (further north still at 353 Spadina)


    1. I definitely second the Chinatown rec above.

      I would suggest Bo De Duyen. It's a chinese vegetarian restaurant that is absolutely fantastic.

      It's about a 15-20 minute walk from the Delta Chelsea.

      Have a great visit!

      1. Salad King is a cheap tasty option within a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel. Despite the name, it's actually a Thai restaurant. Cheap and good. On Gould, just east of Yonge (Gould is one block north of Dundas.

        1. Baldwin Street Village is even closer than Chinatown. From the hotel: walk two blocks west on Gerrard to University, south on University one block to Elm, two blocks west on Elm to McCaul and a half block north on McCaul to Baldwin. There's at least two dozen restaurants along a pretty two block stretch, most with patios if weather permits. Reccomended: Bodega (#30 French bistro), Eating Garden (#43 Cantonese), Jodhpore Club (#33 Indian buffet), Konnichiwa (#31 Japanese noodle house), Matahari (#39 Malaysian), Wah Sing (#47 Cantonese), and Yung Sing #22 (takeout dim sum). There's also John's Italian (not very good) and Margarita's (marginal Canadian Tex Mex) and a slew of others...

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Oops, sorry for the double post. And none of these are vegetarian. Here's this week's Now magazine's vegetarian guide. Veggie spots close to the Delta: Cafe 668 (668 Dundas W in Chinatown, they voted it the best veggie spot in the city), Urban Herbivore (64 Oxford in Kensington Market), Bo De Duyen (254 Spadina in Chinatown), Vegetarian Haven (17 Baldwin in Baldwin Village — the closest to the hotel), Buddha's (666 Dundas W in Chinatown), King's Cafe (192 Augusta in Kensington) and Full Moon (638 Dundas W in Chinatown). None are expensive ($10 to $15 per person, tops).