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Oct 6, 2006 03:34 PM

How much do you tip on Fresh Direct deliveries?

This always plagues me. 20% seems like a lot...

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  1. Though I have recently left Manhattan for the 'burbs, in my many times ordering from FD, I always tipped $1/ box plus a little extra (couple of dollars) - depending on how many boxes, how nice/courteous the delivery guy was and the weather... they always seemed very happy with the tip. If you did 20%, that would be overboard, IMO.

    1. I never tipped for Fresh Direct delivery.
      Should I tip the driver?
      You are under no obligation to tip but have the option of providing a nominal tip if you feel that you've received exceptional service. FreshDirect delivery personnel are not permitted to solicit tips under any circumstances. If you have a comment or compliment please e-mail us. We'd love to hear from you!
      --end quote--

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      1. re: FireMyst

        I feel that they have to write that for customers but I would never think of NOT tipping in this scenario. Do you tip when ordering food delivery? Or if you have your groceries delivered from the local supermarket?

        These guys work hard, schlep heavy boxes of groceries and in my opinion deserve the same courtesy you would extend to others in a similar capacity.

        1. re: Michele4466

          I totally agree....but how much of a tip is the question. I tipped $10 on a $108.00 bill this morning....I won't lie, I felt a little cheap.

          1. re: Davis

            I thnk that sounds fine, many boxes/ bags were in your order? With groceries, $108 can be only a few boxes, in which case you were very generous... If it was 10 boxes, you were still right in line. Remember, these guys also make a decent wage for what they do. The tip to me is an added thanks for being courteous, on time and because it is a fairly large load they are carrying for me. They also work hard to stay on schedule, organize their trucks, deal with different personalities all day, etc..

            Think about doormen, airport porters, etc. $1/bag is the accepted norm...I usually throw an extra buck or two on top...more if the situation warrants it.

          2. re: Michele4466

            1- I never seen the delivery guy. 2- the local guys aren't as big as fresh direct. Do you tip UPS or FedEx delivery?

            1. re: FireMyst

              This is a bit different... My old building would not let them deliver if you were not home, spoilage, sanitary issues, we always saw the delivery guy. Plus, dairy, meat was kept in a separate carton...and they were always very polite, helpful and on time.

              It is also different from UPS or Fedex in that we are talking about a personal delivery not a business delivery and it is always a number of heavy boxes with food, including beverages, cans, household products, etc. If you did not place a large order, why have it delivered? We would do a full shopping on FD and in my opinion, it warranted a gratuity.

          3. re: FireMyst

            You also aren't required to tip a valet, or a pizza guy, or the sky cab guy at the airport, or your para-mutuel at a horse track, even at most restaurants.....doesn't mean you shouldn't.

            I'm sure it's illegal to 'require' tipping so the disclaimer must be put in.

            It's not customary in the US to tip the Fedex or UPS guy and they make decent cash.

          4. I also usually tip $1 per box plus a bit extra if I've ordered any cases of soda or bottled water. And if the weather is bad, I give them some extra too. I never go by percentages.

            1. I also tip about $1 per box plus a little extra -- usually around $6 -- $10. The delivery guys are incredibly nice and helpful. And somehow I don't think that all those Fresh Direct price hikes of late (good golly, they're getting spendy!) are trickling down to the delivery gents.

              1. I have this same dilemna and I ALWAYS forget to get cash - I wish the company would include a space to tip....I don't HAVE to tip my pizza delivery guy but they still give me the option on my credit card receipt, ya know?

                The $1 a box sounds like a good idea.