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Oct 6, 2006 03:28 PM

Favorite Tomato(es) Photo...

I fear you are bored of my photos by now, here will be my last...

Cherry Tomato "Sculpture":

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  1. No, no... not the last, please! This one was my favorite so far! Might even go into rotation for my desktop background!

    1. Bored - not a chance. I have really been enjoying your posts with the beautiful pics. This one is stunning.

      1. No, don't make this your last photo! I love them all, and this is one of your best!

        1. Great pic-your photo's always make my day. What are you going to take pics of now that tomato season is almost over? You know we're all addicted to your pics, so don't stop!

          1. Gorgeous!

            Are you still planning to put some of these up for sale? Please post if you do.

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            1. re: SarahEats

              Thanks for all for your positive words. :)

              Tomato season is (nearly) over. There are lots of photos I haven't posted, but they are "pretty", not "humorous" (get the least feedback from the former).

              Regarding selling them--I have been waiting *FOREVER* to hear from a couple photo stock companies...will let you know when I find out...if they "want me".