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Oct 6, 2006 03:12 PM

SAT- New restaurants, tried any?

Has anyone tried Big'z Burger joint, La Frit, Bin 555, Flip burgers, Oodles, Zen, etc? We are going to try Flip tonight, I saw on their website the frozen margaritas are a buck for the next few days! And a few months ago, we ate at La Frit, excellent mussels, good sized portion for 11 bucks!

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  1. I tried to go to Big'z a few times this week, they were closed on Monday, not open for dinner on Tuesday. Given Andrew Weissman's involvement (even if it's just as an investor), I'm hoping it's good.

    I really like Bin555. It's fun to try a bunch of different things. Their crab napolean and risottos are my favorites, but everything has been good. Nice atmosphere as well.

    If you like expensive wine, their 55 wines for $55 are an amazing deal. Some of them retail for $40 or more! We jad a bottle of Franciscan Magnificat that our server told us is $120 in the restaurant his wife works in!

    1. The only on I have tried is Zen over the Olympia Forum at IH35North and Agora parkway.Ihad the teryiaki chicken bowl.It was fresh and hot from the grill.Haven't tried the sushi yet

      I think Bin555 is on Austin Highway and used to be call Silo.It is next to a small market.
      Will look up the websites for the other places..

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        Bin 555 is on Bitters in the Artisan Alley shopping center. The guys also own Lodge Castle Hills, I believe.

        I have never tried Silo buts it on my list.

      2. Silo is pretty good. Cool bar. I liked the food better at 555.

        1. Bin 555 is a great place, especially now with the temperatures moderating somewhat, making the outdoor area an option.
          I would also heartily reccomend Cafe Paladar (ex Cafe Mariposa before the hissy from Neiman Marcus)
          I've heard Silo's is branching out to the 1604/Blanco area in the near future. That area is definately the epicenter of what seems to be a dining renaissance in SA.