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Oct 6, 2006 03:02 PM

Something Near The Kennedy Center?

We are going to see 12 Angry Men next Tuesday. Any ideas for a pre-dinner/happy hours with good food? Nothing too expensive, would prefer close by, all cuisines welcomed.

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  1. We're trying Notti Bianche at 824 NH Ave, NW, tonight prior to the show at the KC. Never been but it got a good review from the Post last year. I see they have a $32 pre theatre 3-course dinner, or you can of course order ala carte.

    Dish is also nearby. Never been there, either.

    1. I have heard good things about Notti Bianchi. Was thinking about Dish but the Post review of it is old and I am not sure how the food is these days.

      1. There are several nearby. The Kennedy Center has two (a sit down restaurant and an upscale cafeteria). Both are overpriced with mediocre food but location is everything. Not recommended.

        Across the street is 600 Restaurant at Watergate. Nothing special but very convenient in bad weather.

        Notti Bianche is my favorite. Italian, small, cozy, great food. In fact I ate there last night. The rabbit ragu on tagliatta [sp?] is great and so was the squash angnolotti [sp?]. The pumpkin panna cotta and the wildflower honey semifredo were both plate-licking good. Reservations at Notti Bianche are a must because of small size.

        Moving on ... Dish is close by [same chef as Notti Bianche] but I have never liked it as well. Circle Bistro is walking distance but I'd park at the Kennedy Center and take the shuttle bus. It's better than Dish, 600, or anything at the Kennedy Center.

        Best overall restuarant in the area is Marcel's. They have valet parking and will take you to the Kennedy Center in a limo and bring you back after the show. Lot's of fun, especially if you have time to have a drink or dessert after the show.

        Summary: best value is Notti Biance. Best food is Marcel's.

        The only other restuarant that I know within walking distance is Aquarelle at Watergate but I have never eaten there.

        1. My reply is a bit late, BUT....I'm still salivating over the "Coffee and Doughnuts" dessert at Notti Bianche. So good. And, I loved the pasta with crab and tomatoes....really a great little gem of a place.

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          1. re: stacylyn

            I went there for my birthday in July and I am also still thinking of the Coffee & Doughnuts dessert. I liked it so much I took a picture!
            All the rest of our food was excellent. The manager even gave me a birthday card, signed by the entire staff. Nice touch.

            1. re: weez

              Ha! Loved the I NEED to go back. Soon. Thanks for making my mouth water this morning.

              1. re: stacylyn

                The menu at Notti Biance changes frequently. This can be both good and bad. The Coffee and Donuts have been off the menu for a while.

                On the other hand, the pumpkin panna cotta I had last week was plate-licking good. My girl firend felt the same way about the wildflower honey semifreddo that she had for dessert.

          2. How about Circle Bistro? It's right by Foggy Bottom Metro, and has good specials and excellent food. It seems like it is always passed over...