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Oct 6, 2006 02:55 PM

Are Julian Apple Pies still worthwhile?

It's been a long time since I have had a Julian Apple Pie. I have quite a few good memories though of sitting out in the backyard area of the shop as a kid, eating the hot apple pie with warm coffee (making a meal of it really) in the brisk fall air.

I dont know though if the $13 price tag still warrants a purchase however. And I am leery of them falling victim to their hype over the past few years. Not to mention that they show up in almost every san diego grocery store nowadays, further diminishing their uniqueness and a trip east.

So what is your opinion chowhounds, with the fall season coming up ?

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  1. Well, the pies you would get in the grocery store are no different than those you would get if you stopped in the Santa Ysabel Julian Pie Company Store, but there still is something special about the trip. The pies are as good as they always have been, in my opinion, but there is such a thing as saturation. Plus, if you like anybody's pie better than the Julian Pie Company's, going to Julian is your only option at getting it.

    I think the trip is worth it. There are few "Chowish" places to eat while you are there, IMHO, but that's why one packs picnic lunches. :)

    1. As an apple pie connoisseur, I've been disappointed by many of the pies in Julian. Finally we found a winner in the Apple Alley Bakery:

      Apple Alley Bakery
      (760) 765-2532
      2122 Main Street

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        What do you like about their pies in particular?

      2. I like the Julian Pie Company's pies, but the best thing to do is buy their frozen pies at the shop in Santa Ysabel and bake them at home. They make your house smell fantastic, and there's no comparison between the fresh baked pie and one you would bring home. The line at the shop in town is too long to wait for a slice on the weekends. If you do go to town - the Soups N Such cafe at the east end of Main Street (I think it's East - to the right, if that makes sense) has good sandwiches and soups.

        1. I love Julian. It's a cute little town that's especially charming during the Christmas holidays all decorated in old-fashioned style.

          In addition to eating apple pie there are 7 wineries on the way to Julian or nearby. There's also hiking and camping in the area. Julian is famous for its apple pies and its many bed and breakfast inns.