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Oct 6, 2006 02:41 PM

mexican chicken soup to give to a sick friend?

i would like to bring some soup to a friend with a cold... prefer mexican-ish, on the spicy side, and (obviously) take-out. something along the lines of chicken broth laced with cilantro and jalepeno.

authenticity is not the main issue - more flavor, kick and healthfulness.

must be in manhattan below 45th street. any suggestions?

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  1. although the rest of their food isn't that good, i love the mexican chicken soup at rice. there is one on 27th (or so) and lexington.

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      I support Rice's soup; it delicious, while not spicy.

    2. thanks, jon... anyone else?

      1. must go to Fiesta Mexicano on Rivington by Essex in the LES. Delish chicken soup - includes fresh sliced avocado, hand pulled chicken and a good dose of chili, witness the red chili oil slick (not greasy!) as you open the container. And fresh cilantro!

        1. you mean festival mexicano, right? good stuff. for the dominican version, i highly recommend cibao, on the corner of clinton and rivington.

          1. i found it with that name, yes, on menupages... the reviews were all very good, and the sopa ranchera sounds like exactly what i want. out of the way, a little, but i will trek down there anyway. thank you!