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Oct 6, 2006 02:35 PM

Casual but nice place close to Lincoln Center?

Am heading there for a NYFF movie this evening and need a nice place to eat after. Something casual and new (not Penang, Santa Fe, or Pasha). Looks like River has closed but is there something new out there?

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  1. If you liked River, you may try Land, the Thai place on Amsterdam between 81st/82nd.

    Also new is San Luigi on 75th/Amsterdam.

    If a burger and beer will do it for you, head to the All State on 72nd between Broadway and West End - great vibe - cash only.

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      San Luigi is noisy, with TVs everywhere, and very mediocre food. I ate there the other day, and the couple next to me were just finishing. The man showed the check to his wife and said "cheap!" and she said "you get what you pay for!"

      There are lots of standard Italian places on Columbus in the 70's and 80's; all better than this

      I haven't been to the All State in a couple years, but I used to go all the time, and ALL the food is good. Really. We ordered all sorts of things that we ordinarilly would not order in a bar, and it was all good.

      Land is pretty good, but the UWS is still looking for a really good Thai place

    2. Telepan, maybe or else Nick & Toni's....nm

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        Telepan is wonderful, but about double or triple the price of most of the others mentioned on this list, and not nearly as casual. But very good food. Rivals Ouest for best restaurant on the UWS.

      2. Very casual - there is an UWS outpost of Hummus. Amsterdam and 72-73rd.

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          Just in case, it's 74th-75th - right below freddy and peppers pizza...and great!

        2. Thanks all. I've burned my palate at Land many times (just kidding, love the place!). For tonight, will visit Telepan which, if memory serves me right, got a great review in the Times.

          1. Quick report on my Telepan visit. The meat dishes were good, the veggie dishes were so-so (a bit surprising given the numerous vegetarian options on the menu). Appetizers: Two of us had the Roast Quail - EXCELLENT. Bread Soup - a bit dull as also the salad of baby lettuce. Main course: The Heritage Pork was great. King Salmon good but not great. Risotto, a bit dry. Can't remember the fourth main dish.

            Service was mostly good. Except that I noticed that some of the Indian waiters make snide comments in Hindi (not knowing, I guess, that not every Hindi speaker looks like one!)