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Oct 6, 2006 02:30 PM

UWS or further up for seven, inexpensive to moderate?

Looking for a place for tomorrow night - we originally were going to eat in Brooklyn(where I live) but now must eat on the Upper West Side or above(near my sister in Inwood). There are seven of us, and no cuisine preference whatsoever - we all have wide-ranging tastes, except fish/veggie options would be nice but not necessary(one of us is in a state of dietary flux). I almost never eat up there besides a few post-Lincoln Center Meals I'm not looking to replicate, Awash near Columbia(now I go to the one downtown), and random soul, African and Dominican food farther up, but nothing I remember all that well. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone, and sorry that I can't be more specific than this.

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  1. Dinosaur BBQ (make sure to get a reservation though or you will be waiting all night for a table for 7). No real veggie options other than sides and Fried Green Tomatoes, but a non meat eater could fill up on the boiled shrimp.

    1. Indus Valley, 100th St. and Broadway. Really excellent North Indian food.

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        I second this rec... A fave when I lived UWS.

      2. turkuaz, b'way and 101 (i think)

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          100th, and that's also a good suggestion.