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Oct 6, 2006 02:28 PM

Coming from NYC -- Sat night -- One meal I couldn't get down here?

Any ideas?

Love to get something hard to find or poorly done down in New York...

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  1. Well, Clio is great, but it's no Per Se or Daniel. And it's not like you can't get super Italian at Il Molino or Babbo. So I'd do a seafood meal. I'm partial to Neptune Oyster on Salem Street in the North End. Wonderful selection of oysters, great lobster roll, some excellent shellfish/pasta combos. B&G Oyster in the South End is also quite good.

    1. Well, asian and french are certainly out.

      The portuguese spots in and around Inman Square, Oleana for eastern mediterranean cuisine, and maybe a spot like Helmand for Afghan food would be good bets. Frankly, there are few things consistently done better in Boston than in New York, with the exception of maybe fried clams and roast beef sandwiches.

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      1. re: DoubleMan

        Double, your comment re: roast beef makes me scratch my head...

        I thought people consistently COMPLAINED about the lack of quality deli sandwiches in Boston, in which I figured roast beef would be included.

        Are you referring to Kelly's? Where else do you feel does up this animal well?

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Kelly's and the like. I guess it's more of a North Shore than Boston thing, and it's more of a guilty pleasure than must-have dining experience.

          I'm partial to Nick's in Beverly.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Ok, 4 people have rec'd Helmand to me -- do I need to get reservations? I want to stuff my face with pumpkin!

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          1. re: nathanjones

            reservations are def. recommeneded on a Saturday

            for beers before hand, try the beers at Cambridge Brewing Co. in Kendall Sqr (10-15min walk from Helmand, same 'hood). Sooo much better than Heartland and more crafty than Brooklyn (the pumpkin is awesome)

          2. Friends who visit from the big city always lament there's nothing like Floating Rock (Cambodian in Revere) where they come from. They also rave about the specialties at Peach Farm Seafood, which apparently is better than similar offerings in NY's Chinatown. And finally, East Coast Grill in Cambridge never disappoints. Search the board for specific recs at any of these places.