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Oct 6, 2006 01:45 PM

Good Value in Bermuda?

I do realize that, on the whole, the food is going to be expensive, but any tips on getting good value for the pound? I've read the fish chowder can be had for under $10 at lunchtime, something along those lines. Stick to the pubs?

I'm going to be there thurs-mon, any weekend specials, perhaps, to keep an eye open for?

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  1. Food is VERY expensive on Bermuda. Even in the pubs, expect to pay $10-15 (or more) for a hamburger. We were just there about 2 months ago, staying in St. George's. Our cottage had a kitchenette, so we were able to make our own breakfast. We usually had our "big meal" at lunch (when prices in many places are a bit lower than at dinner). There isn't a lot of "must eat" food on Bermuda, but the fish chowder is one. It will be just a bit different at each pub or restaurant, but most all will be good. Be sure to add a bit of the sherry pepper sauce and Black Seal rum that will be offered with it. Another local specialty are fish cakes---actually cod & potato cakes. Again, these can be found on most menus for a reasonable (for Bermuda) price.
    If you're in Hamilton, eat at The Spot. The place isn't very fancy---more diner-ish, but the food and service is good, and the prices are reasonable (it's a favorite with the locals). My husband really enjoys the English sausages at breakfast.
    Off the beaten path is Pasta Pasta, surprisingly good pasta dishes served cafeteria-style at decent prices.
    In the Dockyard area, skip the pubs and head to just inside the gates to Freeport. Another local favorite, the fish cakes and chowder are excellent here.
    We're most familiar with St. George's. The Upper Crust (local pizza "chain")has Indian fare which is quite good and reasonably priced. Any of the fish curries are a good choice. We didn't try their pizza, so I can't comment on that. But we did have a tandoori chicken wrap prepared by them (at the Aquarium!) that was tasty.
    Our favorite pub is Blackbeard's Hideout (just up the hill from St. Catherine's Beach). Prices are still a bit steep, but the grilled wahoo ceasar salad is a delicious filling lunch. And it's still the best place on the island to watch the sunset with a Dark 'n Stormy in hand. Have a big lunch, then have the chowder (excellent here) and an appetizer for dinner while you enjoy the view.
    Finally, most of the supermarkets have hot food to go that you can take back to your room (or find a scenic spot for a picnic). Even the small market in St. George's has a "hot food bar" as well as a heated cabinet that has tasty English-style sausage rolls, Cornish pasties, etc. And don't forget "traditional" picnic fare available at the supermarkets---most have a good selection of cheeses and decent breads. Supermarket prices are still a good deal higher there than in the US, but you'll still save a fortune over restaurant prices.
    Have a wonderful time!

    1. These are some great tips, thanks. Some fishing friends of mine in Florida rave about the wahoo, I've never had it, will make it a point to get some there.

      1. We used to stay at The Reefs and still will when our budget allows it. The MAP is the way to go allowing us to dine around in superb dining rooms. In June my cousin single handed his Pacific Seacraft to BDA so Mom flew the family out and we stayed at Aunt Nea's Inn in St. Georges. We had our breakfast at the Inn and dined out for dinner and lunches. Honestly there was nothing memorable and worth recommending. Blackbeards was closed the night we wanted to go as was Black Horse Tavern in St. David's. The two taverns in St. Geo. were horrid. Cafe Gio was just ok and wayyy overpriced. Island Cuisine on the Middle Road was so so. Long waits and rather noisey. The rockfish was dry and about 24.00 USD (this is a pizza parlour style dining room..basic) Swizzle Inn's burgers were horrid. Lunch at the Lobster Pot in town was so so. Ask the locals and cabbies for tips for local bites. Maybe you will do better than we did...when we go back, back to The Reefs.

        1. We had a very good and reasonably priced lunch at the Lighthouse Tearoom 2 years ago. The spot is enjoyable and the food was excellent. I believe they might serve dinner some nights too; but we had a big lateish lunch there. Sandwiches were outstanding, home made soups also good, and my favorite was the "pub lunch"- type board of breads, cheeses, spreads, and don't forget to ask for the Branston Pickle! This was our best value and quality meal the whole week we were there.

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            We also had a very good lunch at the Lighthouse, a short walk from the Fairmont on back streets, highly recommended. Also call and ask about dinners, they have them off and on and would be local type food at reasonable prices. Frescos in Hamilton was also good.

            Forget the steakhouse at the Fairmont, despite the high recommendations, total waste of $120 for two w/o wine, very mediocre steaks. Henry VIII was ok, the wahoo and chowder were decent, but really not worth the prices paid (like most food in Bermuda). There is a locally made ice cream, Baileys, available from a shop a couple of blocks from Fresco's, worth seeking out.

          2. In that area the best meal is honestly at The Reefs. Not cheap but nothing is in BDA.