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Oct 6, 2006 01:36 PM

BLT Prime--Osso Buco? Any Advice?

Going tonight for first time, read somewhere they make great Osso Buco. I know it's a steak joint, am I nuts if I don't get steak? Any particular cut of steak I should look for?

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  1. I was there not too long ago but I do not remember seeing Osso Buco on the menu. You are not nuts to order something other than steak at a steakhouse, my wife often orders fish and firmly believes that they often have the best fish dishes. I recently reviewed BLT Prime. I don't know how to link my review but a search should find it. My wife ordered the American Kobe Rib Eye and it was very good. The Filet Mignon was a little bland, nothing special. They have some interesting side dishes.

    1. I read your review. Was and is helpful. Just trying to gather as much information as possible. Maybe I am wrong about Osso Buco. Doesn't the Kobe cost $239348348? I am going with a party so I am sure we will have limited menu. If Kobe is more $$$ it probably won't be an option.

      1. Real Kobe is very expensive but you can't import it anymore. American kobe is a little different but still much more expensive than any other cut of beef. It is not for everyone. A lot of people love it for its flavor while others are turned off by its fat. You might want to consider ordering one kobe steak for the table and just split it, which will save you money and allow everyone to try it. Just a thought.

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          You can import Japanese beef again, and NY restaurants have been serving Japanese waygu, but I don't think any true "Kobe" beef has been imported yet. The non-Kobe Japanese waygu beef is still more expensive, and apparently more buttery and tender, than so called American Kobe.

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            Thanks for the update, I did not know that they lifted the import ban. Speaking of Japanese waygu, any places that you could recommend that serve it in Manhattan? I thought Craftsteak did but I am not sure.

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              I haven't gotten around to trying it yet, but it seems like the best place to try it would be at Megu. If i recall the article correctly, they offer it at least two different ways. One as a single seared slice of waygu ontop of rice and another as a sashimi platter for two. If you search the boards, you should be able to find a link to a NY Times article on Japanese waygu that I posted a few weeks ago.

        2. Had the 16oz NY Strip about 3 weeks ago. Perfectly cooked... and one of the best steaks I've had in quite a long time. Really excellent!

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