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Oct 6, 2006 01:29 PM

Bahn Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches Where In Scarboro West & North

T&T has them, but any other locations and info appreciated,thanks - Jar

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  1. There's a Nguyen Huong (sp.?) store at Middlefield and Steeles (next to T&T). Its a sister store to the one located at Dundas and Spadina.

    1. Thanks, when going by, will go there for sure, a long way from home and if hungry, this with extra chili will sure help!!!

      1. The sandwiches at the store right next to the Middlefield T & T are 100% better that the T & T version IMHO. Also the Asian supermarket at Alton Towes on McCowan south of Steeles also have great Vietnamese sandwiches.