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Oct 6, 2006 01:26 PM

SAT: Best Chinese BUFFET ?

If you had/have to go to a Chinese Buffet, which one here is the best?

We were going to Golden Phoenix on Perrin Beitel but have been disapointed the last couple of times.


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  1. Don't

    Why go to a buffet? The food is bound to be mediocre, americanized glop that's been sitting awhile.

    You're better off going to a small place that has a chinese menu and at least occasionally has some asian customers (Kim Wah BBQ, China Inn).

    At least that's my opinion.

    1. Steve,There is China Seas on Thousand Oaks and also China harbour on Walzam.I'm sure there are others in town that I havenot tried.
      Bejing on NorthWest Military over by West Avenue area and that is not a buffet,but pretty good chinese food.I have had dimsum at Golden Wok on Gardendale and Wurzbach which was very good.
      We used to eat at Golden Phoenix in the past,before they did the buffet.It was fine then,but the last time we ate there,it wasn't as good,so we stopped going there.