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Oct 6, 2006 01:22 PM

SAT: Popular Places You Don't Like?

Would love to know...

One for me is La Fogata, Fair Food/Service, Overpriced

What are some of yours?


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  1. I like La Fogata, certainly not the best food for the price, but a classic SA place, great to take out-of-towners and the food's at least decent.

    TaiPei is "popular" and gets write-ups as the best Chinese rest in SA, I thought it was awful, too americanized.

    Paesano's I can't stand. Overpriced, pretentious and the food isn't that great (I've only been to the new one on 1604).

    Godai sushi was the #1 Japanese in Zagats, I thought it wasn't very good, didn't even have "real" crab.

    I'm sure I'll think of some others (I've only lived here since January).

    1. That's a tough one. I thought I was picky until you asked. The only ones that pop up are Los Barrios, Mamas, Rudys, Earl Abels (used to be good) and Mi Tierras. Although I love the chicken enchiladas nest door at sister restaurant, La Margarita.

      1. Mi Tierra was awful last time I went (and packed).

        1. I may get kicked out of SA for some of these, but I stand by my recommendations:
          Bill Miller BBQ - the central commissary concept of food preparation results in terrible ribs and mushy brisket.
          Hung Fong - This place is still here???
          DeWese's - It lost its charm well before I was born (early 60s)
          Boudro's - Why is this restaurant on so many best-of lists? So they've perfected table-side guac...WTF?
          Ruth's Chris - My own personal Ponderosa...yawn.
          La Fogata - Way too big for it's own good. Give me the 70's small-scale version and quality and I'll bite.

          1. I agree with you on Hung Fong.It isn't great chinese food.Have had some stuff better at the buffets I have visited.
            I like the atmosphere at the Hacienda Los Barrios onRedland Road,being in the country and all.However I don'tthink the food is that spectacular.I like Tomitillos on Broadway better.
            De Wese's Tip Top Cafe on fredricksburg wasn't bad when I ate there.Never been to La Fogata ,Ruth's Chris or Mi Tierra.Heard Teka Molino is better.