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SAT: Popular Places You Don't Like?

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Would love to know...

One for me is La Fogata, Fair Food/Service, Overpriced

What are some of yours?


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  1. I like La Fogata, certainly not the best food for the price, but a classic SA place, great to take out-of-towners and the food's at least decent.

    TaiPei is "popular" and gets write-ups as the best Chinese rest in SA, I thought it was awful, too americanized.

    Paesano's I can't stand. Overpriced, pretentious and the food isn't that great (I've only been to the new one on 1604).

    Godai sushi was the #1 Japanese in Zagats, I thought it wasn't very good, didn't even have "real" crab.

    I'm sure I'll think of some others (I've only lived here since January).

    1. That's a tough one. I thought I was picky until you asked. The only ones that pop up are Los Barrios, Mamas, Rudys, Earl Abels (used to be good) and Mi Tierras. Although I love the chicken enchiladas nest door at sister restaurant, La Margarita.

      1. Mi Tierra was awful last time I went (and packed).

        1. I may get kicked out of SA for some of these, but I stand by my recommendations:
          Bill Miller BBQ - the central commissary concept of food preparation results in terrible ribs and mushy brisket.
          Hung Fong - This place is still here???
          DeWese's - It lost its charm well before I was born (early 60s)
          Boudro's - Why is this restaurant on so many best-of lists? So they've perfected table-side guac...WTF?
          Ruth's Chris - My own personal Ponderosa...yawn.
          La Fogata - Way too big for it's own good. Give me the 70's small-scale version and quality and I'll bite.

          1. I agree with you on Hung Fong.It isn't great chinese food.Have had some stuff better at the buffets I have visited.
            I like the atmosphere at the Hacienda Los Barrios onRedland Road,being in the country and all.However I don'tthink the food is that spectacular.I like Tomitillos on Broadway better.
            De Wese's Tip Top Cafe on fredricksburg wasn't bad when I ate there.Never been to La Fogata ,Ruth's Chris or Mi Tierra.Heard Teka Molino is better.

            1. The food is better at the other Los Barrios location.

              1. Bill Miller's BBQ=YUCK, I do like their Fried Chicken Though


                1. What's your problem with La Fogata Steve? Perhaps you're not ordering the correct things...I'm native San Antonio, born and raised, and since then have lived all over the world and have been to as many Mexican restaurants as I can try. With that being said, every time I get home (a couple times a year), La Fogata is always my first stop.

                  1. I've ate Mexican all across this state, and many others, but La Fogata is my hands down favorite.