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Need dark chocolate FAST!!!

Calling all chocoholics...I have a client that doesn't like sugar but loves very dark chocolate...where can I get her some in the Boston area? I know I could get something online but I need it ASAP.

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    1. There's the chocoloate 'boutique' in the Hotel Commonwealth, I'm sure you would find something wonderful there. I can't remember the name but it's probably linked from the hotel's website.

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          Yes, thank-you. I knew it was something clever.

      1. Dairy Fresh on Salem Street in the North End.

        1. Whole Foods Market- lots of chocolate over 75% cacao. From Callabaut, Vahlrona, and El Rey.

          1. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Cardullo's, Formaggio Kitchen, Pemberton Market, probably Shaw's and Stop & Shop, etc. etc. etc. Did you have something specific (product or location) in mind?

            1. Marty's Liquors in Newton has Callebaut for about $4/lb (73% I think), and a fair selection of other brands.

              1. You can get VERE (one of the best dark chocolates on the planet) at:

                The Gourmet Boutique
                10 Huntington Avenue

                1. Found The Gourmet Boutique's website. Seems they also carry lots of other amazing chocolates, including Michel Cluizel, which is my favorite of all time:


                  1. Serenade Chocolatier in South Station and Brookline are really great. Also a new chocolate shop on Beacon Hill is supposed to be very good - I think Limster wrote a review of it a while back.

                    1. You can try the French chocolatier Michel Richart in Copley Place. The place JudyHP mentioned on Beacon Hill is on Charles at the corner of Pinckney.

                      1. Where are you exactly? If you're within striking distance of Harvard Square, I'd throw in a strong rec for L.A. Burdick.

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                          Those chocolate mice are adorable (and delicious!)

                        2. Thanks for the immediate response!!! I think if I can get there I will try BostonBob's suggestion, The Gourmet Boutique...my client is French and I suppose her family brings her chocolate when they visit but I wanted to get her something extra dark and delicious locally. She doesn't seem to like truffles, etc. so I am looking for just plain chocolate. I frequent TJ's and Whole Foods but I do not eat extra dark chocolate and I don't know which to avoid and which is superior! P.S. I'm on the Northshore.

                          1. Savenor's Cambridge has a limited selection.

                            1. If you are close to Marblehead, Stowaway Sweets is great!

                              1. Also in Harvard Square, Cardullo's Gourmet Shoppe has a wide selection of imported very dark chocolates. The various Whole Foods Markets in the area also have very nice dark chocolate bars for sale.

                                1. We are dark chocolate addicts of the first order and our favorites come from Serenade, in Brookline Village. Their hand-dipped dark chocolates are truly extraordinary and their dark almond bark is not to be missed.

                                  1. This string is rapidly lengthening, but I want to add my 2 cents. Based on the OP's comments and my experience with virtually all the suggestions, I have to put in another vote for Temper Chocolates in the Hotel Commonwealth. They have a unique collection of dark chocolate bars that can't be found anywhere else in town, with a knowledgeable staff that can give you good info on origins and characteristics of each one. As for truffles/bon bons, I'm a Burdick's fan, but that's not what the OP seems to be looking for.

                                    1. While we are on this topic, has anyone seen Valrhona's Ampamakia at any of the place recommanded here?

                                      1. I hate the gourmet boutique. The service i had there was awful! i also purchased two different boxes of chocolate as gifts for clients and in both boxes the chocolates had turned a chalky white color. I am sure the chocolates would have been wonderful if the place i purchased them at managed to pay attention to the sell by date. The gourmet boutique is a waste of money i would rather go to Teuscher on Newbury or Richart Chocolates in Copley, they both have great chocolates well worth the money!

                                        1. My daughter and I are dark chocolate afficionados. I'd say Formaggio (on Huron Ave.) and Pemberton Market, followed by Whole Foods.


                                          1. for my go-to, fill my daily chocolate fix, i depend on the chocovic ocumare bars i get at tj's for $1.99 for 85 grams.

                                            1. Cardullos, Formaggio, and Christina's Spices have the best chocolate selections I've seen.