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Oct 6, 2006 01:07 PM

Attire at Rays The Classics, and what to chow on!

Heading to Rays in Silver Spring tonight.....what's the dress? What should I get? (Not a picky eater at to all suggestions!)

Can't wait for a yummy meal!

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  1. Get the biscuits and the fried shrimp appetizers (or biscuits and crab cakes - or all three!!)

    Get the pan-fried chicken as an extra entree - it's excellent. Whatever's left of your entrees will make a great next day lunch. I've read the sweetbreads are very good but I've never had them.

    Ask if they have the coconut cake when you first get there as they often run out. The key lime pie is fantastic too.

    Dress a little nicer than you would if you've been to Ray's the Steaks. Coats are by no means required for men but I think it's a nice touch. I wouldn't wear jeans but I've seen people do it. Golf shirt and slacks are fine for men.

    Be proactive with your waiter/waitress as sometimes service can be slow. If you want something, ask. Don't wait to be asked as it might take a while.



    1. Agree with previous poster, although you might be cold tonight in a golf shirt. Service is spotty. They have valet parking, so drive right up. The onglet and cowboy steak are great values, salads are complimentary, and they have a trio of small desserts worth sampling. Wine is reasonable.

      1. Went to Ray's the Classics this weekend..was impressed with elements of the menu and the reasonable prices, but wouldnt consider it to be a "must return" venue.

        We had 2 appetizers; the fried shrimp and steak tartare deviled eggs. I would recommend the latter over the former, but both were delicious. The complimentary salads were innocuous, save for the nice potato croquettes (instead of croutons) with the caesar salad. I had the NY strip au poivre as my entree and thought it was fantastic; my partner had the hanger steak which was okay. Sides of potato au gratin and spaetzle were fine. For dessert, the key lime pie was very tasty.

        On the plus side, the quality of the steak obviously defines the restaurant, the wine menu has plenty of offerings under $50, and the service was good. On the minus side, the space has little in the way of ambience, and the food wasnt anything remarkable (save for the deviled eggs). We left feeling well-fed and satisfied, but without the feeling that we had to go back again.

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          Interesting. Very different from my take on it. I thought that (particularly for the price point) the food was generally quite good. I think the corn pudding is too eggy without enough corn flavor, but otherwise everything I had I liked a fair amount (great grilled asparagus side and the +1 loved the fried chicken). I also think that the ambience is nice. Incredible, no, but certainly reasonable. The time I went for dinner the service was only ok (at best). Long gaps in between courses and a server who generally seemed to have forgotten about us (never checked in after we were served entrees, never brought us the spreads or bread that other tables received).

          1. re: Smokey

            I too thought some aspects of the menu to be quite good. The steak is extremely tasty and the deviled eggs also. My point was that there wasnt much that stood out or made for a memorable meal. The very positive reviews posted on these boards regarding the "Ray's" hinted at much more than Ray's the Classics delivered. Nothing wrong with the food, just little to rave about. As for the service, I found it attentive and unobtrusive.

        2. Word for word of Kevin's suggestions I second.

          You must be proactove with your waiter/waitress. Ours was extremely slow - and not well informed.

          Ask about the coconut cake and the key lime pie before ordering your meal. We were given the dessert menues and
          weren't told they'd run out of the coconut cake until AFTER
          we tried to order it.

          I would go Rays the Steaks if you want a great steak.
          The pan-seared chicken at Rays the Classics, on the other hand,
          was very, very good.

          As to attire, No tie necessary, but I'd wear a jacket.
          Dress pants are fine for women. I wouldn't wear jeans.

            1. re: JonParker

              Yes, they do. The number is 301-588-7297. Until you just happen to be passing by and get a seat, reservations look like the way to go.