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Oct 6, 2006 12:48 PM

Best Bagels and Fish near Soho/Nolita

Making a quick visit to the city this weekend, heavy on the eating. We're staying downtown and looking for a great lox and bagels near Soho. Best bet to head to East Village or Lower East?


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  1. Hands down Russ and Daughters on Houston St and I think Delancy (it is just west of Katz's). The bagels are perfectly adequate, but the fish is amazing. Make sure you try the whitefish and smoked salmon salad and at least a couple of types of smoked salmon - I really like the Wild Western Nova.

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    1. re: john

      Good call on Russ & Daughters. It's a no-brainer.

      However, Houston and Delancey are parallel to each other. Russ & Daughters is on Houston St. between Allen and Orchard.

    2. Have to agree - Russ and Daughters. I think they have the Best Vegetable CC in the city.

      1. Thanks - any time there's consensus on The Chow, that is a good thing.

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          Keep in mind--can't eat at Russ and Daughters--only take out (well worth it thought---it's the best). But if not too cool, there is a decent park a few blocks west you could sit at. In fact, awhile ago, there was a thread about where to sit in nabe with takeout. You may want to do a search. it was a few months ago.