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Oct 6, 2006 12:35 PM

Best smoked salmon in town? (take out)

Hi all,

Looking for the best smoked salmon (or even gravlax, in a pinch) in town, and NOT on a bagel with cream cheese, but unsliced to go. Eastern and northern parts of town are best for this search.

For reference, I'm familiar with the bland stuff that dominates supermarkets and bagel joints (Nanuk etc.), so no need to send me to St. Viateur unless they've started carrying something exceptional.

I'm looking for an artisanal product that's a major cut above that. However, I vastly prefer cold-smoked to hot-smoked; AFAIK that rules out Atkins at JTM. Right?

Thanks for any tips...

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  1. Neither east nor north but worth the detour *quand même*:

    New Victoria Fish
    6015 Victoria (south of Côte Ste-Catherine)
    514 737-4873

    1. new victoria fish is absolutely incredible - it is inexpensive, they smoke their own salmons, give you free samples and cut thick sashimiesque slices right from the fish. it is a god amongst mongers.

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      1. re: celfie

        Thanks Chowhounders! This is right under my nose... I must pass there @ least every couple of days. There use to be another fish place on the Vic but it's all taken over by Pharmaprix now. It's good to know it's inexpen$ive... I'll check it out coz not really feeling the pricey $ushi craze! Btw just wondering if the restaurant(Yannis?) beside it is affiliated with the fish market.

        1. re: Yummy Stuff

          Yep, I read a review of the resto where they mention they get all their seafood fresh next door. It was over a year ago, but I suspect it's still true.

      2. There's an IGA that makes their smoked salmon on the premises and it is the best I have ever tasted. It is located in Ville St-Laurent. You go north on Marcel-Laurin...when you pass Henri-Bourassa, it is not too far from that on your left. I don't know the exact address, but it is really the best!

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        1. re: cricri7

          Marché Duchemin et Frères inc.
          1947, Boul. Keller,

          Telephone : 514-336-8085
          Fax : 514-336-5991

        2. Go down to Atwater Market and got to the fish guy. They have the most amazing smoked salmon called "Oven Head" Smoked Salmon. Done in New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy.
          It's double smoked, melts in your mouth, but without the "over-smokey" flavour you would think.
          It's a high recommendation.

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          1. re: Bon Appetit

            I can confirm that this is in fact the best smoked salmon in the city. Well worth the trip.

            1. re: davidpg

              In 2006 it was the best in town, in 2008 it was the best in town and now in 2015 there is NO smoked salmon better than the Ovenhead salmon sold at and Poissonerie Atwater or Poissonnerie Westmount‎. Nothing comes close !!
              Poissonerie Victoria comes in as a distant second.

              1. re: finefoodie55

                The smoked salmon on Victoria is really good and I've been going there for years but don't BS me and tell me that all your salmon is wild Scottish salmon, you wouldn't be charging $40/kg if that was the case and $18/kg or whatever it is for raw salmon. I asked him once and he showed me a label next to the cash register that said "Wild". Cmon!! lol

                1. re: JerkPork

                  I am not sure you are responding to my posting JP, but Ovenhead Smoked salmon comes from St George Nb and is from the Bay of Fundy.

                  1. re: finefoodie55

                    No sorry, I was talking only about the guys at Victoria and replied to your post as you mentioned they are #2 on your list.

          2. I am not absolutely sure if they sell it,but if you ask they probably will-LeMeac restaurant on Laurier.The best in town by a longshot.

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            1. re: stingray

              According to Lemeac's website they do sell the salmon: $55 whole or $60 sliced.


              1. re: Fritzy

                I've had Leméac's smoked salmon. It's very good, but I'm not sure I'm ready to anoint it the best; maybe I'll give it another try soon. (The place probably wasn't open when I needed it anyway -- joys of long-weekend travel. However, if by "whole" they mean a whole fish and not just a side for $55, it could be well worth checking out.)

                I've also had the fish from Atwater, though not recently. As I recall it was excellent.

                As it happened, I really wanted to try New Victoria's, but logistics kept me to a more convenient source. After a taste of the house product at Anjou Québec, I decided it was adequate in the circumstances, albeit not superb.