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Radius or Clio?

I'm being taken out to dinner by a vendor and have the choice of Radius or Clio. Which one and why?

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  1. Clio - a clear winner, the food is really good, interesting and the service is amazing. At Radius your food will be very tall, period...

    1. Clio. an easy decision.

      1. My vote is for Clio too.

          1. Clio. Why? The food just "sparkles". Radius - good food, but attitude reminds me of the old Locke Ober.


            1. Clio! We find ourselves going back there from time to time. Radius does not call to us in the same way.

                1. I'm going to add my vote for Clio. Absolutely my favorite restaurant in Boston for inventive food and phenomenal service.

                  1. Get the tasting menu at Clio.

                    1. Wow, lot of Radius vs. Other choices lately. I'll chime in once again -- I had a very disappointing Radius visit recently:


                      My take on Clio is that has become quite overpriced as its fame has grown, and I really dislike the smell of Uni wafting up from downstairs, particularly noticeable in Clio's bar and detectable from some tables. As cost isn't an issue on someone else's tab, try to get seated as deep into the dining room (away from the bar) as you can.

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                        Slim, that's the very first time I've heard anyone complain about the smell of Uni wafting up to Clio. I totally trust you, but the way people here complain about the ventilator in North Street Kitchen or smelling like a burger after Bartley's (the former I've never noticed, the latter I can vouch for), you'd think someone would have brought this up in the past. Very interesting observation.

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                          I don't have a hypersensitive nose, and I think it's really noticeable in the bar, less so at the near tables in the dining room. I think I've mentioned it every time I've commented on Clio in the past year. Of course, if I'm actually sitting in Uni, it's fine.

                      2. That is an interesting observation. And it begs the question: does the smell of Clio ever waft down into Uni?

                        1. Clio hands down. Sublime food

                          1. I'd say that at 13-0, the verdict is a landslide for Clio.

                            Radius never stood a chance..

                            1. Is it possible to dine at the bar at Clio?

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                                We always dine at the bar. That way we feel we can go more often. Sometimes we split an entre or have two appetizers. Often my husband will want much more to eat than I do. So bar dining works for us.

                              2. new question ( sort-of) clio or no.9 park?