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Oct 6, 2006 10:56 AM


Noticed Maguire's on MSN City Guide the other day. It had been rated the second best gourmet/fine dining option in Dallas. Met freinds there last Saturday night. We got a late start so we skipped apps/salads and went straight to entrees. Pork chops were average, fish was overcooked, chicken was very pedestrian, and my entree, a lamb shank, was an inedible mess. The crowd seemed to consist solely of older couples and kids on homecoming dates. Anyone have a good experience here? Oh, yes I must give them credit for the desserts, the chocolate lava cake and the creme brulee were both good renditions, but overall I was very underwhelmed.

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  1. Man, I'm sorry you followed this recommendation. Maguire's is OK if you're in the mood for slightly above-average, predictable food, but not if you are expecting fine dining. Next time, try Chowhound first!

    1. "Second best gourmet/fine dining option in Dallas."

      I'm sorry, it wouldn't even make my top 50. It's certainly not gourmet, or representative of Dallas fine dining.


      1. Posts that are more about the quality of information on MSN City Guides than the quality of food at Maguire's have been moved over to our Food Media & News board: Please continue that aspect of this discussion there.


        1. McGuire's is a nice place for a good lunch (really nice seared tuna salad) or a quick late night bite. But there is no way I would call it a fine dining spot. In fact, I don't think that's what they really aspire to be. I don't know that you can really fault the restaruant so much as the guide that steared you there.

          In the future, in addition to this board, you might try the GuideLive section of the Dallas Morning News. At least as of now, it is not a bad source. Massive staff layoffs at the paper may affect its quality in the future. That remains to be seen.