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Oct 6, 2006 10:49 AM

Great Italian restaurants in Highlands area or Buckhead, not too fancy.

We'll be in Atlanta, taking out a college student who is begging for a great italian dinner. She doesn't want too fancy. What's great in the Highlands or Buckhead area?

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  1. How about Sotto Sotto (or Fritti)?

    1. Sotto Sotto could be considered fancy, Fritti next door, not as much. Fritti however doesn't have pastas as such. If you want old school Italian, without a wait (as you would have at the other two), there is a place near Emory you might try. Northwest Corner of North Decatur Road and Clairmont. North Decatur Road is the main drag through Emory. It is called Benedetti's. There are better places, but I think it is what the student is looking for.

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        They take reservations... why wait?

      2. La Tavola in the Virginia Highlands. Not as fancy as Sotto Sotto, with great food and a terrific wine list.

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          A good choice, but I have had crap service there twice in 6 months.

        2. A quick follow up for all those generous responses. We ended up at Sotto Sotto for an extremely late dinner and were very happy with both the food and the service. Would definitely go back. Thanks again for all your advice!

          1. Sotto Sotto has been given restaurant of the year by the Atlanta newspaper, so you made a wise choice!