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Oct 6, 2006 09:36 AM

Espresso in Westwood

Is there anything good withing WALKING distance to the campus? Not that I mind the opportunity of going to Green Tea Terrace *much* more often, but I do miss my (espresso-based) lattes.

I noticed a tea/coffee place between BrewCo and Palominos(?) that looked interesting. Does anyone know anything about it?

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    1. re: revets2

      I thought that someone recently posted that the City Bean space had been converted to a Pinkberry yogurt-eria. Did City Bean move elsewhere?

      1. re: liu

        you are correct! i just called and the store in westwood was a licensed store and they felt they didn't have control of the quality. it closed at the beginning of the summer. their beans can still be purchased at their roastery in culver city on washington at fairfax, but it's usually a good idea to call before you go (888.248.9232).

    2. You meam Kerkhoff hasn't gotten any better since I was there? There's a Coffee Bean on Westwood just south of campus. I used to get my coffe fix at Gypsy Cafe but that was before Westwood even had their first Starbucks.

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      1. re: Kevin B

        The Coffee Bean's espresso machine was broken yesterday, and the barista present mentioned that he didn't see it getting fixed until today (but I was really craving some espresso yesterday-- hence, the posting ^^).

      2. There should be either a Coffee Bean or a Peets next to Covel Commons now. It was built for the froshies and sophomores, but anyone can go.

        The Cafe at the Business School isn't bad.

        1. I think that Elysee, which is a bakery makes a very nice cappucino. Get it to stay (the only way I have had it yet) and the portion and milk-coffee ratio is really good. Elysee is on the corner, across from Novel Cafe. Forgive me that I can never remember street names in Westwood.

          1. Elysee makes decent roasty espresso.

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            1. re: fenian

              Elysee is on Gayley, across from Bel Air Camera, which has a parking lot you can use if you shop there. Whole Foods is up the street, and ditto re: parking.