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Office Xmas Party

I know it's a little early, but I'm on the planning committee since I'm a first year at my office. We have about 60 employees, and we're looking to do a semi-nice luncheon. I'm not sure of how much we have to spend yet, but I'm guessing it's between $25-50 per person. It needs to be a place were the food is not too exotic, since there are a bunch of picky eaters. This can be anywhere in LA.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Just make sure the place is big enough to sit us relatively near each other...

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        What kind of food is it? Big enough?

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          You'll find more information on its website. They often hold large parties, with the option of having it inside or outdoors.

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            Looks great...have you ever planned a party hear? It looks pricey, but doable.

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              No, I haven't planned a party here, but other Chowhounds have.

              I have, however, eaten dinner and gotten take-out. I've always been happy with the meal and service. I'm sure if you give them a call, you can get a quote for a party.

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                  The Twin Palms venue is great, but the food is bad. When they were new the food was good, and I went quite often, but they went way downhill in the last couple of years. If you have people at your office who know food, they will not enjoy it. But then, it's possible that twin palms may have gotten back on track more recently.

                  Trying to think of another venue; do you have parameters for "LA"? I've planned dinners for large groups (but not as large as 60), and always the restaurants will want to set up a limited menu for the group to choose from.

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                    Yeah, we gotta stick to the LA area. And I'm guessing any place we choose will be a limited menu.

                    Another suggestion is Bucco de Beppo. I've been before, and the food is decent, and most of them hold a ton of people.

                    Any other ideas?

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                      Villa Sorrisso has a pretty big space, I think they have a private room, or could arrange a large section of their dining room for you. It's decent Italian, and they have great drinks too. http://www.sorrisopasadena.com/at_a_g...

                      Firefly Bistro in South Pasadena is in a lovely tented space, you can take a look at the menu: http://www.eatatfirefly.com/

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                        if you want firefly, you'd prob have to book the entire restaurant. they're not that big. parkway grill or arroyo chop house can do it i believe. chop house has a room, i think big enough for your party.

        1. What about Napa Valley Grille, they have several rooms or French 75? Maybe the patio @ Il Moro, weather permitting. Asia de Cuba has a nice view.

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            We actually did a party recently at French 75, so we probably won't repeat the same place, but I'll check out Napa and Asia and il Moro.

          2. Roy's (downtown near Staples) is a pretty good option. My wife had a holiday lunch there last year and it went pretty well for the picky eaters and foodies alike.

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              It's big enough? What type of food? I'll look into it...thanks!

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                Yes, it is big enough. They have a Asian fusion/Hawaiian menu. In other words, he grills pineapple and throws it on top of some salmon with soy sauce and ginger. it's a celebrity chef, but it's pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

            2. i'd check out cafe del rey in marina del rey if your budget is close to the $50 number.
              you'll get your own room with a view of the water--very pretty.
              the food is great.
              a truly nice place.

              1. Thanks for all the suggestions.

                We had a meeting yesterday, so here are some more details.

                It'll be about 65 people max, and no more than $60 a head. This must include a full meal, 2 alcohol drinks, parking, and tip and tax.

                We need to stay more towards the NoHo area, but Pasadena and Hollywood are options.

                The food can't be too exotic, something the majority will like.

                We all took about 3 places to check out so here are mine...

                Fogo de Chao
                Twin Palms

                I had an Xmas party at Boa last year for about 1/2 the amount of people and it was delicious. I thought it'd be too small, but turns out they can fit us. Now the question will be price...I think it may be a little much, but waiting to hear back.

                Fogo is looking like a great option. Tons of food, drinks, our own room, and it's a fun place. I haven't been to this one, but I've been to other churrascurias and love them.

                Twin Palms I still don't know much about, although I hear it was more expensive a few years back.

                Thanks again for all the suggestions. Any other thoughts?

                1. Not sure how you're going to do Fogo and stay within budget.
                  Like I said about Twin Palms: I think their food is bad, those picky people may like it, but that's unfair to those who know how to eat.
                  In any case, seems to me that since you're planning this, you need to be taste testing all the potential restaurants, on firm $ of course! :)

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                    Fogo is surprisingly within budget! The meat lunch is only $32, add in all the extras and it's about $52 per person. That's only counting meat. There will be a good amount of salad bar only eaters which knocks off about $10.

                    Ca'del Sole is an option, but a lot of people at my office go there for lunch. Looking to do something a little special.

                    Waiting to hear back from Boa and they too seem to think they can make it work.

                  2. How about Ca'del Sole near Universal? Right location, reasonably priced and always decent Italian food. They do have a private room.