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Oct 6, 2006 06:40 AM

diamonds/ phx

so for a few years, i've heard rumblings of this place on 7th ave called Diamonds. A number of chefs around town that I quite respect talk about it. They said it was not the cleanest of establishments, but the best chinese around.

we were in the neighborhood last night and decided to try it. we discovered though, that there wasn't a single car in the parking lot at 7:30, and while i was willing to risk it, my boyfriend veto'd.

so i'm wondering... anyone else try it? worth the hype?

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  1. That's a blast from the past, I used to live on 7th ave and Osborn and used to eat at Diamonds a lot.

    Their food used to be great and they had amazing drink specials that was perfect while I was in college. We would start at Diamonds and end up at Chez Nous, those 7:00am classes at ASU were rough!

    I haven't been in a loooooong time so can't vouch for it now, empty parking lot at 7:30 not a good sign..

      1. re: mamamia

        I've never been to Diamonds, but I appreciate the favorable mention of Super Dragon in the review noted above. Super Dragon is an unsung hero -- a neighborhood Chinese restaurant that is actually one of the best in the area.

        1. re: silverbear

          I love Super Dragon. Everything from the food(XO String Beans..yum!) to the service and overall feel will always keep me coming back.

      2. finally tried diamonds tonight, luckily with my dad, who as I do, shares a taste for the authentic.

        we ditched the american menu and stuck to the chinese, and ordered up a slew, so we could sample, planning to take home.

        First up, Shark Fin Soup. I've had this four or five times, and atleast once in the Valley at C-Fu, where I found it to be.. ok. This was GREAT soup. Perfect broth, nice slivers of shark fin, and we actually got chicken shark fin and both agreed, next time we're ditching the chicken.

        Then we had the roasted pork with crispy skin, which was just divine. Perfectly crispy but not burnt on the outside and super tender inside still. We ate all of it.

        The lamb with ginger and scallion was also wonderful tasting, although it was more scallion and onion than lamb.

        The singapore rice noodles were fantastic, perfectly flavored with curry, chock full of the "extras" like shrimp, beef, etc.

        Lastly, our lobster in ginger and scallions was AMAZING. Absolutely scrumptious in every way.

        We took home a ton of food and the bill was insanely low (most dishes are in the 7$ range).

        We agreed, for authenticity, you're not going to do better in greater Phoenix. We're going back every chance we get.

        1. For anyone who is wondering, they're at 4402 N 7th Ave, north of Indian School. It's just up the street from the terrific Fry Bread House.

          1. They are the real deal.
            They don't know the meaning of "ambience", unless you count the fish tanks setting a mood. It has a very Hong Kong vibe to it, much more so than the Gourmet House of Hong Kong on 14th St/McDowell.

            Glad you liked it, hzp.