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Oct 6, 2006 04:15 AM

Topsfield Fair Eats

I'm heading to the fair this weekend (yay, farm animals!) and thought I'd check to see if there were any notable additions to the food options this year. Naturally a dino-sized turkey leg is on the agenda, as is a (shared) dog-bowl of fresh-fried potato chips. Ah, fair food! Last year I never found the fresh cider donut place -- not sure if it wasn't there or if we just walked around in circles. Is it there this year? Because that's *definitely* on the menu if it is.

I generally skip most of the food stalls scattered amongst the other vendors (the pizza, sausage and pepper, etc.) - they all look like standard (bad) fair food -- am I missing anything good?

I always try some of the church vendors, hoping to find some secret cache of country-cooking greatness, but it hasn't happened yet -- anything special to look for?

Depending on my appetite for gooey butter and brown sugar atop SWEET apples, I may hit the apple crisp folks, although I'm not sure it's worth the lines.

Anyway, I'd love to hear about anything great that folks have found this year. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I always go to the Middleton Congregational booth (small, near Dan the Candy Man area) and get some beef stew. They sell it in a bread bowl, but I always get it in a cup and get some sliced bread to dip. You mentioned the potato chips, but do you mean the German/Cottage fries a few doors down? I always get those too. Also, apple crisp IS a must-although the person in front of me got the blueberry crisp (new this year?) and it looked awesome. A sausage sub is mandatory no matter how fair they seem. Spend the money for the larger, better quatlity ones. And don't think about cleanliness, sanitation or anything like that. It's the Topsfield Fair. The apples and donuts are in the pumpkin hall and they're great. Try the hot turkey sandwich at the other church tent, you won't be disappointed. I miss the dog races.

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      Fresh cider and donuts are there and as awesome as ever. They're right by Kiddieland. There's a small cider press right next to the stand.

    2. I went last week and had the apple crisp w/ vanilla ice cream from Learned's. It was absolutely delicious! In fact, I went online to see if they offered this someplace outside the fair, but no luck.

      As for the rest of the fair offerings, besides the soup bowls and Kowloon's serving up combo plates, it did seem pretty standard. I was hoping to find some nice country slow-cooked BBQ, but unless my nose failed me (which hardly ever happens)...again, no luck.

      Have fun.