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Oct 6, 2006 04:13 AM

My first meal at Honda Ya !!!

I will finally have the pleasure of trying out Honda Ya.

It sounds like a tastier version of Furaibo on Sawtelle which I thoroughly enjoyed in my old college days.

Though there is a good chance, my party and I will be able to eat and drink everything on the menu.......
Any dishes that we must try ? How is their saki selection ?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. While I can't comment on the sake (not my favorite), I will highly suggest the following:

    Greens with Garlic
    Soft-shelled Crab
    Quail Eggs
    Crab Dumplings
    Bacon-wrapped Okra

    I also thought they had the best ramen I have ever had and it chased all those bad ramen college days away.

    I have been to Honda-Ya twice and love the place.

    1. Explore the specials menu and ask the waitress to guide you. There are always some gems on that menu. I think the ocotupus on the specials menu is a staple, and for good reason. I really enjoy the cartilage skewers as well, nice and crunchy.
      I would generally avoid sushi since it is generally not very good. As mentioned, they have several types of ramen, all of which are very well prepared and relatively easy to share.

      They have a fairly extensive sake menu, that is well priced. I know next to nothing about sake so I always just ask the waitress to pick something nice and they never fail.

      1. Hamachi Kama

        2nd the crab dumplings

        1. Here's my report followed by some recommendations from other hounds.

          1. the one thing that i always have to get and i always force other to eat is the bacon wrapped tomatoes. They are soooo good. Make sure you eat them when they are still warm tho.

            The Crab Shumai is good too and i've always been satisfied with sashimi(although other have said to stay away from the sushi)