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Oct 6, 2006 03:28 AM

Can't miss in Philly?

I'm a visiting hound who has eaten like a king in your wonderful city, thanks mostly to this board. I'm about to head back home and wanted to make a last-minute appeal for any truly "can't-miss" eats for my last few days here.

I've had many meals at Rangoon, a few at Estia, one glorious night at Vetri, and stops at the North Philly Crab Shack and Hardena's, both from the Jim Leff post. I would teleport myself to Capogiro and I'd kill to move Carmine's, Delilah's, DaNic's, Primo, and Tony Luke's to my hometown. I had my first ever life-changing kaiser roll at Sarcone's last Saturday, and I would die happy if I could eat at Pietro's every Friday night for the rest of my life.

So this is partly a big thank-you to this board for so many great tips, and partly to ask: Are there any other hidden or not-so-hidden gems that it would be a shame to miss?

Many thanks, hounds, for your hospitality to a visitor. What a great city you live in.


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  1. Marigold Kitchen in West Philadelphia is a can't miss. It's an out-of-the-way gem of a BYO. The food is heaven on earth.

    1. Maybe a frozen chocolate drink or Aztec hot chocolate at the Naked Chocolate Cafe with a Bonte waffle kicker next door?

      And make sure to get a Fisher's soft pretzel if you stop by DiNic's before you leave town!

      1. A hoagie from Sarcones is a can't miss, the deli is right up the street from the bakery, and a piece of pizza from the bakery couldn't be a bad idea as an appetizer. If you're gonna be here on Monday, a Pork Italian or Cheeseteak Italian from John's Roast Pork is a can't miss(best to get both). Also, if you like granitas, Fante's in the Italian market has a great homemade cappuchino granita, it's strong, I thought at first it was an expresso one but found out otherwise. They stop making them soon if they already didn't.

        1. Matyson, any dessert is a can't miss.

          1. You need to eat patties and Jerk Pork at Jamaican Jerk Hut, stroll through the Reading Terminal Market (and eat a Fisher's pretzel with butter last, no matter WHAT else you ate before..)

            A pretty good Gyros can be found there (freshly steamed pita) and the Chinese from Sang Kee is pretty good stuff...

            You've been to John's so a better Roast Pork or even Cheese Steak would be hard to recommend.

            Some of the (somewhat) recent Taquerias in the Italian Market come to mind ...(though they can be matched elsewhere..)