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Oct 6, 2006 03:28 AM

Suggestions for an Italian Market

Looking for a good Italian market to buy some cheeses, capers (salt packed, none of the brine) and other speciality items. Someone mentioned to me there was a store attached to Il Grano, but if there was one closer to Los Feliz, that would be better.


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  1. Well, for cheese I'd say the Cheese Store of Silverlake, but for an Italian market, there's Claro's in Arcadia and Monte Carlo in Burbank...

    1. ditto the above, the little shop at ALCOVE in los feliz has great capers. hillhurst at franklin.

      1. For Italian cheese, you simply must pay a visit to Roma, on North Lake Blvd in Pasadena. The owner here really knows the cheeses. Whenever I go in he goes "here, try this," and he takes a huge knife and slices a wafer off a big block of ten-year-old something on the counter. He hands that to me and then he slices another piece for himself. We both stand there silently, savoring the nuances. Yes, I say. That's wonderful. Half a pound of that, please. And a loaf of the "olive oil" bread if they have it, but only if you're gonna be able to eat the whole loaf in a day, because it stales quickly.

        Claro's (I go to the one in Rosemead) also has cheeses, but they're pre-cut, wrapped, and priced already. For all the other things on your list, Claro's is probably worth the drive.

        Also, I think there's an Italian grocery in Glendale, but I haven't been there.

        1. it's mario's in glendale:

          740 E Broadway
          818 242 4114
          fresh burrata is about $9 a lb...whole foods gets twice that much and i'll bet it isn't as fresh!

          1. Maybe Claro's San Gabriel(their 1st store) on Valley Blvd. I go once a week to get their Mortadella which is made in Canada and pretty good. Special this month on it $4.95/lb.

            Anyway the other day they just hung out what looked like an 8 foot long provolone to age.