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Oct 6, 2006 03:17 AM

Is "Feenies" a dud?

I hear bad things about Feenie's - I'll be laying down serious dollars for brunch in Vancouver- is there a better place than Feenie's

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  1. No, I don't think so. He really delivers on the menu promise.
    The menu has changed since I was there last, no more sirloin steak burger with Fois Gras, but I think you can still get Fois Gras on the Poutine,
    Lots of Duck Confit, braises, roasts, sounds warm and yummy for a wetcoast fall.go to
    I say go for it

    1. I would go to Feenies first for lunch, not brunch. I need a few breakfasty options at Brunch, and as far as I know Feenies only serves from their lunch menu. If that is not an issue, I can confidently recommend Feenies from a quality and creativity standpoint. Rob Feenies name is on the place, after all, and I personally have never had a bad experience there in multiple visits. My dining companions though, have said that they werent blown away. I had a new standard set for me for Salade Nicoise last year. No other version before or since compares. Interesting charcuterie choices as well.

      1. Feenie's is always good and a standby of mine when I am in vancouver. It isn't mind-blowing, but it is the more casual lower end of his restaurants.

        1. I made a reservation for two at Feenie's, the last time I was in Vancouver. I had heard good things about the place. But, upon arrival, I was surprised by how cramped the space was. The table next to ours was practically on top of us. It also was quite loud in there. We ended up leaving.

          1. I havent been to Feenie's for brunch in almost a year but it was great on my visit. Rob Feenie is a talented chef, it is to bad that a loud and cramped space made you leave. It is a bistro after all, hell, when i was in France they sat a gentleman at our table because there was an extra seat. Talk about up close and personal with your other diners.