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good cheese paring to apples that is not cheddar?

good cheese paring to apples that is not cheddar?

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      If you put the gouda and apple between two slices of bread and grill it, that makes one mighty tasty sandwich!! And don't I wish I had one now.

    2. gouda, would that also go well with bacon?

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        Yes! I love a grilled bacon and gouda cheese sandwich with Granny Smith apple slices on the side. Yummmm.

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          I love grilled cheese and bacon, just never had it with the gouda....my regular would be grilled american cheese with bacon, or grilled gouda with sliced apples. I will have to break out of my routine and try a grilled gouda with bacon and apple slices.

      2. Any nice Blue, firm or soft, they go great with anything sweet, especially fruit.

          1. With the lovely winey Fujis we're getting right now, I've been enjoying chunks of Mexican Cotija, a salty brittle cheese a lot like feta. The blues are good, too, especially gorgonzola (and walnuts!!). Something I want to try is to marinate cubes of Cotija in a mixture of EVOO and chili sesame oil with some garlic squoze in, and serve that on toothpicks - I bet that'd be swell with apples.

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              A slightly aged Panela is also very nice. If I understand correctly Mexican Panela is basically an adaptation of a Greek "Honeycomb" cheese.... anybody with Greek expertise know what this might be & where it can be found.

              I would love to come with a dish that pairs both.

            2. This may seem strange, but I like a good Fontina with apples.

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                fontina with apples is GREAT!!!!! but it must be authentic Italian fontina....

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                  I just got some Fontina val d'Aosta last night - will have to find some apples ...

              2. an excellent cheese that goes well with all fruit is ghetost - it's a Norwegian dessert cheese - it tastes like a mild cheddar with hints of caramel and peanut butter (seriously). You'll find it in your cheese section as a cube wrapped in red cellophane

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                  I find it mostly tastes like peanut butter, lol--but I could see how it would go well with apples.

                2. I used to love pencarrig with apples, unfortunately I understand the one welshman that used to make it was involved in a tractor accident.

                  I now make do with sharpham or elmhirst (also from the sharpham dairy) they are cows milk cheeses that are flavoursome and creamy but slightly more camenbert than brie.

                  I think for any of these cheeses the apples need to be nice and sharp - just like coxes are now!

                  1. Cruccollo. It's a wonderful cow's milk cheese from Sicily. A little grassy and nutty. It would be perfect with tart green apples and a good riesling.

                    1. I love thin slices of Cotswold Double Glouceser with chives on apple slices.

                      1. Parrano is a wonderful side to apples and other fruits. It's got the texture of a swiss or even a firm gouda, but much of the sweetness of a parmesan. It's my favorite and it's much cheaper at TJ than at Whole Foods.

                        1. i enjoy aged sharp provolone with apples [and grapes, too]

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                            Domestic or imported and where are you getting it? I can't find sharp provolone like I had in Philadelphia in California, but I see you are in NYC.

                            1. re: chocolatetartguy

                              When I lived in Miami, I used to order cheese for dinner parties from Ideal Cheese in NYC - they were incredibly helpful in terms of selecting what to order, and it always arrived in perfect condition. Haven't tried mail order from Murrays or Artisanal, but I imagine they'd be good as well.

                              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                                aurrichio provolone. i'm guessing it's imported. i get it in a little produce store near where i live in queens. i've seen it in my local supermarket, super stop & shop.

                                1. re: ericalloyd

                                  Aurrichio is widely available, and is nice and sharp

                            2. I usually eat Apples two ways:

                              > In Apple Pie
                              > With a Slice of Bleu Cheese

                              Alternatively I add "melted" Bleu Cheese over my Applie Pie or Apple Crisps.

                              Another cheese that would be absolutely great is Parrano (a Dutch, caramelly cheese) sold at Trader Joes & Whole Foods.

                              1. Manchego...... & lavender honey with a Granny Smith!

                                1. I'll second blue & manchego.

                                  Also, Gjetost (that sweet, salty, slightly sour Norwegian goat cheese).

                                  1. http://www.taunton.com/finecooking/pa...

                                    link to: Discover the Pleasures of a Cheese Course. It's very helpful for paring ideas.

                                    1. Maybe I'm not discriminating enough, but I haven't had any apple/cheese combo that I haven't like. Is there such a thing in your experience? Let me know so I can save myself some angst. TIA!

                                      Last night we hosted a local political reception with: Italian fontina (terrifc), triple-cream brie (decadent), herbed Silver Goat chevre (fun), robusto (extra-aged Parano - outstanding), a runny, stinky Camembert (heavenly), and a mango-lime-pepper Cheddar (what the heck was I thinking!?). Except for the brain-fart Cheddar, they all went well with the Bosc, Bartlett, Gala, Pink Lady, Fuji, local Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, local Red Delicious fruits. And yes, my bathroom scale will attest that I had tasted every combo.

                                        1. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.
                                          Cameo: A West Coast apple with a delicate flavor. Pair with a ripe Camembert.

                                          Gala: Sweet and aromatic, galas match up with buttery Tilsit.

                                          Chestnut crab: Can be hard to find outside of orchards; they have intensely flavorful, firm flesh and a slightly nutty flavor that teams up nicely with Gouda.

                                          Cortland: Pretty on the plate, Cortlands stay white after they're cut and offer a complex, sweet-tart flavor and tempting aroma. Try them with the earthy, slightly grainy Gruyère.

                                          Haralson: A Minnesota original dating back to the early 1920s, with a tart taste that stands up well to thinly shaved slices of Parmigiano Reggiano.

                                          Honeycrisp: An almost perfect balance of sweet and tart, set off well by a rich Dubliner Irish cheese, a sharp, aged Cheddar or even a full-on gorgonzola.

                                          McIntosh: An old New England apple with tender, white flesh and a tart flavor. Can handle a nutty Emmental.

                                          Sweet 16: As you would expect from the name, this is a high-sugar apple favored by kids and, interestingly, Southerners, who prefer a sweeter flavor profile than do Midwesterners. Pair it with a mild Colby, another kid favorite.

                                          1. I love Brie with a Granny Smith Apple. If you slice the apple really thin and put the apple and cheese between some good bread and grill it....yum.

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                                              i agree!! i love apples with brie. ive never had the bread with em but i do put the brie in the oven to warm it up!

                                            2. Wow, I was going to suggest you pair your apple with Parmesan (classically eaten with pairs), then I saw lilibuf's post, just above, and I realize I'm way out of my depth..

                                              On the other hand, if you don't have a ripe camambert or a buttery tilsit to hand, then a few chunks of parmesan will more than fill the bill.

                                              - Sean

                                              1. Having a dinner party serving appletinis what should i serve with these cocktails/ Thanks for your suggestions.

                                                1. I enjoy eating apples with Gjetost. It's cubed-shaped and brown in color. Its flavor is unique, resembling caramel and has a fudge-like consistency that sticks to the roof of your mouth. Eating it with apples would be like eating a caramel apple!

                                                  1. my pregnant friend says havarti and apples

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                                                      Thank you all so much for the wonderful recommendations of cheese to eat with apples, though I wonder about food recommendations from a pregnant friend... heehee (havarti and applies with pickles, chocolate sauce and sardines!!) kidding, of course. you folks are great. Thanks again