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Oct 6, 2006 02:02 AM

best clam pizza?

I've never had it but I'm from New England and I love my clams. Thanks...

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  1. I don't know who besides Lombardi's does it in NY, but they do an excellent one.

    1. You've got to go to Frank Pepe's, Fairfield 238 Commerce Drive, Fairfield, CT 203-333-PEPE (7373) . It's closer than the Pepe's in New Haven, but it's still a haul from manhattan. Get a zip car and take 3 friends--it's worth the trip. Plus, you can get a Foxon Park old school birch beer, brewed in CT.

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        According to my friend Jimmy who joined me to Pepe's in New Haven, the one in Fairfield can't compare (and he lives near Fairfield).

      2. I had great clam pizza at Arturo's a while back. I didn't see it on their menu (only as an additional topping) when I was there last Saturday, but perhaps if you ask for one, they'll make it. Call ahead and ask.

        1. I second Pepe's in New Haven. The best by far.