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Oct 6, 2006 01:25 AM

Dessert to go in downtown LA

I've been asked to bring dessert to a friend's house for a small dinner party. I'm going to be in downtown LA beforehand, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any place in downtown I could get some great desserts. It will be for 5-6 people. I'm up for anything.


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  1. Frances Bakery in Little Tokyo (Honda Plaza) has some delicious delicate cakes.
    The are not overly sweet and generally subtle in flavor and texture.
    The fruit tarts are good and i seem to remember a green tea cake that was quite good.
    Their chocolate truffles are also excellent.

    Or I would highly recommend a box of handmade chocolates from L'Artisan d' Chocolate on first street.
    213 252 8721
    The pave noir is fantastic and super smooth.
    I also like the ones infused w/lavendar and earl grey tea.
    The owners Christian and Whajung are charming and wonderful.

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      Great call on FRANCES BAKERY. A few days ago I got to try their seasonal kabocha (pumpkin) pudding for the first time. Amazing stuff and highly portable in the event that you need to take it out.

    2. Mochi from Mikawaya Market.

      Sweets from chinese bakeries in Chinatown.

      Or, ask Phillipe's to sell you an entire apple pie.

      1. Couple of places come to mind:

        CAKEWALK (



        LA GRAND EVENT (


        And, of course there are options a plenty in Little Tokyo and Chinatown (as others have mentioned above).

          1. cakewalk??! tell me more fellow hounds...

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              Debra King, the owner, used to be a caterer and is a baker by training.

              Good little place, offers nice lunch specials if you're in the area.

              Curbside delivery/pickup works like a charm ... as long as you call AHEAD of time.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                any favorite items on the dessert menu?

                1. re: ostudio

                  Never had a chance to order a whole cake from them, but the biscotti (pistachio flavored) was delightful as were the cookies (snickerdoodles and chocolate chip), and the caramel tart was sublime.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    thanks jpesedixit. will try next week since they are only open on weekdays.
                    and will report back of course.