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Oct 6, 2006 12:56 AM

Help me with a Christmas party spot for Westside small 'happening' office party/dinner

I'm piggybacking with the gentleman looking for his office party.

We're a thirtysomething,lively crowd looking for filling food and some 'atmospherics,' for a group of about 50 people.
Unusual food fare would be good - Moroccan, Tapas, Mexican Indian.

Does someone know of a room that's fun and you can easily go
listen to some music and have a fun time?

I hear the food at Warzawa is very good...and there's a back patio
with sparkling lights.

I'm all ears!


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  1. I've seen Father's Office close for private parties. Don't know if they'll still do it.

    1. Nirvana - Indian food. I've never been, but I've heard they have belly dancers.

      1. The food at Warzawas is very good, but very Polish too. So if your up and coming hipsters are hip to old world beef stew and cabbage with polka music, well then you've found your party spot... but it's a bit sedate with no scene to speak of.

        1. And the outdoor patio at Warzsawa gets verrrrry cold at night around Christmas.

          Canal Club is an idea - or James Beach across the street (get the room with the pool table and private bar)

          A cabana at Viceroy (or even Avalon)

          Chez Jay has a back room


          Renees Courtyard...

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            My company had a social outing (i.e. let's all get drunk on the company nickel) at James Beach in the space you describe. They did a great job with food and drinks. And you are not so segregated from the bar that you feel left out -- you can easily mingle with the rest of the James Beach patrons. The food is not exotic, but it was good.

            You mention that Chez Jay has a back room. Do you mean that little alcove in the back, just before the bathrooms? Or is there something bigger beyond that?