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Good/Decent Sushi but w/ Scene?

well, i have tasked to help out of town friends find a good/decent sushi joint that oozes fun, hipness and pizazz. metro LA would be preferable and the only joints that i could think of are:

1. koi
2. katana
3. sushi roku
4. mako

mind you, the folks are more into the scene than the sushi. but the sushi will have to be decent to good. thanks!

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  1. Katsuya brentwood - Starck designed the space.

    Okay sushi and other dishes (not bad, but I've had better), very sceney. Much cheaper than koi or roku.

    1. I vote for Koi or Katana for out of towners. Katsuya Brent. is a scene, but bad and expensive sushi

      1. I was recently at Katana, for the very reasons the OP posted. It was perfect for the expectations. Lovely, lively. My guests were thrilled with the experience.

        1. R23. Downtown. Artest loft district. Cool vibe. Downtown scene. Oh and most important to me the sushi is excellent. Great hot and cold apps as well. Cool spot for sure.


          1. Matsuhisa. Great sushi/sashimi and everytime that I've been there it has been star packed.

            1. Another vote for Matsuhisa, or Nobu Malibu. Inventive dishes, and truly star-studded place.

              Second vote for Katana. The food is actually pretty good, and it's not just sushi - the robata's delish.

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                I like the robata's. A great place for compromise for a party that does not include suchi lovers. And, it is an exciting, vibrant scene.

              2. if you're talking about mako on south beverly drive, it's not a sushi bar, but very good and not really a "scene".

                1. katsuya brentwood is beautiful, clubby, interesting, sexy looking and a scene but if your friends want good sushi don't go there and if you do, order the tuna on rice cakes and the baked crab roll.that's it!

                  you can reserve a table in bar if you have 6 or more and it is beautiful with big plush white couches around the table. I keep thinking the only reason to go here is for pure entertainment and drinking.

                  1. thanks everyone. looks like it is a toss up between katana and katusya (if only to munch and booze as it is walking distance).

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                      Well, parking for Katana can be a hassle. It is Hollywood. But, if I was to show out of town friends a place in LA, and had to choose between Katana and Katsuya, I would take them to Katana.

                      For one, it's been around longer. Second, the food is reliably better. Third, there's a better chance to sight celebrities. Fourth, they get to see more of the Hollywood area.

                      1. re: chica

                        They have easy valet parking, and an elevator up to the restaurant. So, not hassle. Just be prepared to pay for it.
                        I would not attempt to look for street parking, or parking at any of the cheaper lots a few blocks away. Just pull up into the parking lot and let them take the car. It's costly, so this will add a few more dollars. Worth it.

                    2. What do you mean exactly by scene?

                      I think the "scene" at Nozawa's is pretty memorable. So far, I've seen Fabio, Danny Devito, and Nic Cage at the place.

                      Plus, you have the purported "sushi nazi" to serve you ...

                      1. What about Geisha in Hollywood? I haven't been, but they serve sushi and by all reports it is quite a scene.

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                          I concur with Geisha -- there's always a scene there and their food aren't bad. But if food > scene, probably mako or koi would be my first pref.

                        2. Katana-love it, and I'm there at least once a week, so I'm biased, but it is definitely a scene, and definitely has great sushi and the robata is great. If you can, get a table on the patio...it can get chilly, but they have the heating lamps, plus a few bottles of sake never hurt.
                          The parking in Hollywood is a pain, but Katana has its own valet, which if memory serves is $6.00 or $7.00 for three hours of parking, which should suffice for your dinner.
                          The added benefit of parking at Katana is that if you don't mind paying more if you stay longer than three hours, you can just leave your car there and walk to many other 'scenes' such as the Standard or BOA, etc...All in all, I always take my out of town friends to Katana and they have a great time.

                          1. I went to Katana for a party and had a big set menu dinner. Everything I had was pretty bland and dissapointing, but I do have snobbishly high expectations when it comes to Japanese food. However, it was definitely a scene...

                            1. I'm going to risk attacks by the hounds but I gotta say it- I love Koi. Everything I've had there has been really good. No one does the crispy rice w/ spicy tuna & jalenpeno as well as they do, and the albacore topped with crispy red onions is so good. A favorite non-sushi item is the soy-glazed baby lamb chops w/ jalapeno mashed potatoes........they're the best little savory lollipops in the world.

                              I could do without the scene, I just really love the food.

                              Tuna Toast: http://tokyoastrogirl.blogspot.com/

                              1. mediocre sushi at all of the above. KOI??? i wouldn't touch it. go for the scene but
                                please don't assume that is great food, imho.

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                                  I agree - but as original poster noted, they're looking for a place with a mix of good food and fun. Most of the best sushi joints isn't going to have much of a scene, so the best we can do is at least steer them away from the places with (un)remarkably bad sushi.

                                2. yr right. sorry. unremarkable sushi with people wanting to appear to be remarkable is what i should have kept my remarks to, but i guess i operate by a different paradigm.

                                  matsuhisa then... i won't go there though

                                  1. Go to Orris.
                                    Maybe you'll see somebody or not, but you'll eat well.
                                    Heck, you could get sushi at the Mayfair on Franklin and Bronson and hang long enough and you'll see somebody.

                                    1. thanks again all. as for scene, we are looking for a place that is fun. basically, we want to head to a sushi-esque restaurant and then stay the entire night grazing, drinking, chatting and goofing around. celebrity sightings are a plus, but is not required.