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Oct 6, 2006 12:50 AM

Good/Decent Sushi but w/ Scene?

well, i have tasked to help out of town friends find a good/decent sushi joint that oozes fun, hipness and pizazz. metro LA would be preferable and the only joints that i could think of are:

1. koi
2. katana
3. sushi roku
4. mako

mind you, the folks are more into the scene than the sushi. but the sushi will have to be decent to good. thanks!

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  1. Katsuya brentwood - Starck designed the space.

    Okay sushi and other dishes (not bad, but I've had better), very sceney. Much cheaper than koi or roku.

    1. I vote for Koi or Katana for out of towners. Katsuya Brent. is a scene, but bad and expensive sushi

      1. I was recently at Katana, for the very reasons the OP posted. It was perfect for the expectations. Lovely, lively. My guests were thrilled with the experience.

        1. R23. Downtown. Artest loft district. Cool vibe. Downtown scene. Oh and most important to me the sushi is excellent. Great hot and cold apps as well. Cool spot for sure.

          1. Matsuhisa. Great sushi/sashimi and everytime that I've been there it has been star packed.